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Sooner or later, every kitchen must undergo a remodel of some kind. But if you provide food at a healthcare facility, you cannot afford to close down shop completely while the space is being remodeled. So what’s the best solution?
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Last year, Mobile Kitchens USA was contracted for a one-month rental by Levy Restaurants. The mobile kitchen unit was being used to provide food service for the U.S. Open Tennis Championships throughout the run of the tournament. Here’s some insight into their experience with Mobile Kitchens USA!
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In 2016, the San Bernardino Mountains Community Hospital District contacted Mobile Kitchens USA, asking to rent multiple mobile kitchen trailers from us while the main hospital kitchen was being renovated. They were undergoing a big remodeling project in the kitchen, so it was important to still have food service capabilities for their patients, guests and...
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When putting together an outdoor event, there are a lot of things on your plate. But one item that cannot go unnoticed is figuring out how to prepare the food. Not sure how to tackle it outdoors? Mobile Kitchens USA can help. We have a variety of mobile equipment available to rent for your next...
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When restaurant owners are interested in expanding their menu, it can oftentimes be a challenge to find the space to create new dishes. With half of the kitchen staff cooking for customers and the other half creating new recipes, this can make for one hectic kitchen. But there’s a way to avoid all this –...
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When your kitchen is undergoing a major renovation, the last thing you want to do is close shop completely – especially when lots of people are counting on you to be open. Fortunately, with help from Mobile Kitchens USA, you don’t have to worry about temporarily closing!
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At Mobile Kitchens USA, we have clients that come from a variety of industries. Whether it’s a restaurant, school or hospital, we can provide you with the proper temporary kitchen equipment you need. Just give us a call and we will take care of all your needs.
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2017 is here and with each new year comes new opportunities. If you are looking to start your own mobile food service business or expand your restaurant or catering service into today’s mobile world, Mobile Kitchens USA has the solutions you need. Mobile Kitchens USA is one of the country’s oldest and most respected temporary kitchen providers. We...
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A concession stand can be a nice source of business at special parties, concerts, carnivals, school activities and sporting events. It is the ideal opportunity to rent or purchase a custom mobile kitchen and food preparation trailer that meets all your food service and storage needs. In addition to having the right space in which to work, there...
When you have a mobile restroom trailer, it is important to keep them sanitary. This is especially true if in use for more than one day. Examples might include a construction site, disaster relief station, major home renovation project or multi-day special event. Whatever the reason you are using a mobile restroom trailer, it needs to be kept...