3 Reasons to Buy a Mobile Kitchen Trailer

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If you are starting a food service business, one of the first decisions you need to make is whether you want a traditional brick and mortar restaurant or a mobile kitchen. These days, mobile kitchens and catering businesses are extremely popular because they offer a number of advantages. We’ve compiled three of the most compelling reasons here.

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1. Less Financial Risk

Buying a mobile kitchen trailer will still cost you some money, especially when designing it to your specs and having all the custom elements you need for food preparation. You’ll need to pay for insurance and other business licenses, just as you would with any restaurant or catering business. However, it is significantly less expensive in the long run.

Why? It is a one-time cost to purchase a mobile kitchen trailer, and then you just need to worry about maintenance and upgrades over time. Think about the costs of buying or leasing a commercial space for a traditional restaurant. Ultimately, more of your revenue goes to the bottom line. Some mobile restaurants have a fleet of trailers for the same cost of having one permanent location.

2. Mobility

As the name would suggest, mobile kitchen trailers give you a great deal of flexibility and mobility with your business. You can take your food directly to the people and go where the demand is. In order to draw customers to a traditional restaurant, you need to have them thinking about you and then find their way to your space. With a mobile kitchen, your trailer is one big advertisement and by showing up where the people are, you have a built-in audience desiring your food. If not, you easily pack up and head to a new location!

3. Growth Potential

Some successful restaurants will add a mobile kitchen trailer to their business for catering or more direct food sales amidst today’s food truck boom. Some mobile kitchens will use their trailer as a stepping stone to establishing a traditional restaurant. By creating demand and popularity with a mobile kitchen, it helps bring a loyal customer base to their brick and mortar establishment. That increases the likelihood of success. Or, in other cases, one mobile kitchen trailer leads to another, and eventually a full fleet that enables them to branch out into different service areas and generate more business.

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Whatever reason you have for wanting a mobile kitchen trailer, Mobile Kitchens USA has the customized solutions you need. Contact us for more information and to start designing your ideal mobile kitchen trailer!

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