5 Ideas for Mobile Food Businesses

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The mobile restaurant business is booming. Why? In many ways, mobile kitchens are easier to manage than traditional brick and mortar restaurants. You have more flexibility in location, meaning you can take your food to where the customers are and more easily expand into new service areas by simply driving there. Over the long run, buying or renting a mobile kitchen trailer is generally much less expensive than leasing a commercial space.

We’ve seen a lot of business owners be successful with their mobile food businesses. Here are some ideas you can consider for starting your own.

1. Catering

Perhaps you are considering opening a catering branch of your current restaurant or just want to start a catering business from scratch. A mobile kitchen trailer is ideal as it can be customized to your needs with all the appliances, counter space, storage areas and refrigeration/freezer space that you need.

2. Special Events

This is another great way to bring your traditional restaurant food directly to the people. Customize a mobile kitchen trailer that can be sent out to corporate events, sporting events, parties, weddings, street fairs and concerts. Your staff will have everything they need to prepare and serve fresh food to a large group of customers.

3. Mobile Bakery

Mobile bakeries are becoming increasingly popular. People can be hesitant to walk into a traditional bakery because they know they’ll end up buying more goodies than they want. With a mobile bakery trailer, you can bring your treats right to them and it’ll be hard to ignore.

4. Gourmet Cuisine

The most successful mobile kitchens are serving food that you can’t get anywhere else. Gourmet recipes, creative food pairings and artisan meals are extremely popular, especially in urban settings. If you have something unique to offer, the people will be buying.

5. Desserts/Ice Cream

A mobile dessert trailer is a great idea, especially in an area with a lot of office buildings. People will love to come out and grab a sweet treat in the afternoon to get them through those last few hours of work. Any kind of unique desserts, ice cream, gelato, frozen yogurt and other delicious delicacies will entice plenty of customers if presented right.

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The point is, mobile kitchens are highly adaptable for many different mobile food businesses. You just need to get out there and make your dream business happen. Mobile Kitchens USA is happy to help you get set up with the ideal trailer for your mobile food business.

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