5 Tips for Renting a Restroom Trailer for Your Special Event

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There are many special events where renting a mobile restroom trailer is an ideal solution for your guests and attendees. Weddings, sporting events, concerts, street fairs, carnivals, outdoor parties—the list goes on and on. Whatever your reason for wanting to rent a mobile restroom trailer, here is a list of 5 important tips that you’ll want to follow as you plan for your special event.

1. Reserve Your Rental

Mobile Kitchens USA has many different restroom trailers for sale and rent, but they are in high demand. You’ll want to reserve yours well in advance of your event, so that you aren’t scrambling to find one available at the last minute.

2. Double-check Your Location

It is very important that you make sure your event location can support a mobile restroom trailer. Depending on what size trailer you rent (and especially if you reserve more than one for large events), keep adequate space open for it on the event site. Clear away any branches or brush that might scratch the surface. Obviously, make sure it is part of any submitted plans that need to be approved by the site owner.

3. Structure Your Budget

There are many advantages to having a mobile restroom trailer over port-a-potties. Your guests will certainly appreciate the difference with a clean, private space to do their business. However, a restroom trailer will generally cost more to rent because you get so much more. Just keep that in mind when budgeting your event.

4. Accommodate Your Guests

Find out how many people are likely to attend your event. Make sure you have enough bathroom space to handle the crowd. You can choose the proper size trailer, multiple trailers and how many toilets need to be included in each unit. Mobile Kitchens USA trailers can be equipped with handicapped stalls and entry ramps, so cover the needs of any differently abled guests.

5. Power supply

Some mobile restroom trailers require power to operate, so make sure a generator or power source is there. Renting a generator for your mobile restroom trailer is another option with Mobile Kitchens USA, so be sure to ask your representative when making a reservation.


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If you follow these simple steps, you will have no problems with your mobile restroom trailer rental. Your guests will love having one of these clean and comfortable trailers, and it will help your event go as smoothly as possible. For more information contact Mobile Kitchens USA today.

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