6 Reasons Your Construction Site Needs Restroom Trailers

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On any construction site, having restrooms available for your workers is a vital requirement. Port-a-potties are the most common restroom solution on a construction site, but that doesn’t mean they are the best option. It’s time to consider a mobile restroom trailer, and here are 6 reasons why:

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1. Versatility

Port-a-potties are good for one thing: collecting waste in a big hole. However, it can build up quickly and it is not a very sanitary solution, especially on long-term construction projects. Mobile restroom trailers allow workers to use the restroom in comfort. They are fully plumbed to handle more waste. In addition, you have a sink with soap and running water, so they can clean up more effectively. Last but not least, mobile restroom trailers offer more space that can be used for changing clothes or putting on safety gear—like your own work locker room.

2. Sanitation

We mentioned the sink with soap and running water, as well as the fully plumbed toilets to eliminate waste in more sanitary ways. Construction sites are dirty and messy, so a mobile restroom trailer gives them a more sanitary place to do their business and stay cleaner. This is good for everyone on site without germs being spread around so easily.

3. Productivity

In general, happy workers are more productive workers. Having any on-site restroom option is better for productivity (compared to making them find places to go off-site). Just imagine how much better they’ll feel if they have a clean and private place to go to the bathroom, change and wash their hands.

4. Environment

The plumbing inside a mobile restroom trailer is fully contained. It is not being drained out into sewers or ultimately the ocean, but sent directly to treatment plants instead. It doesn’t contain the harsh chemicals used in most port-a-potties either.

5. Weather

If you are working in a cold weather environment, the concern with typical port-a-potties is that they will freeze up. That can pose a number of problems, including damage to the structure itself. The plumbing of a mobile restroom trailer is designed to prevent freezing. Also, it can be climate controlled for added comfort inside.

6. Savings

An on-site mobile restroom trailer can save you time with workers having an easy option for going to the bathroom. This means less down time, and as we all know, time equals money! For more information about mobile restroom trailers from Mobile Kitchens USA, give us a call or visit our website. We can show you more advantages to having a mobile restroom trailer on your construction site.

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