Be Prepared with Mobile Restroom Trailers for Disaster Relief

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No matter where you live, you always have to be prepared for an emergency. Natural disasters, fires and floods can strike without warning and you should have an emergency plan in place. People should always stock an ample supply of drinking water, non- perishable foods, candles/matches, battery-powered lights and other essential survival items just in case.

But what about the recovery process, whether it’s your own home that is damaged, your whole neighborhood or even a major part of your community? Everyone will need food, shelter and supplies. However, one of the most important logistics that is often overlooked for disaster relief is having restrooms.

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All disaster relief organizations should have a fleet of mobile restroom trailers that they can transport easily on site, and the community itself may band together for a temporary rental unit. They are much more sanitary than port-a-potties, and these customizable trailers can be as versatile as needed. They provide a cleaner, more comfortable bathroom option for those in need.

Mobile restroom trailers are equipped with full plumbing. Toilets flush away the waste and sinks contain running water and ample soap/towel supplies for cleaning up. They can be handicap-accessible and can even be built with shower stalls, which can be essential to helping victims get back to some sort of normal life routine. These modular trailer units are available in a variety of sizes for rent or purchase and they can be designed to meet any specifications.

Mobile Kitchens USA specializes in mobile kitchen/dining trailers and mobile restroom trailers, many of which have been utilized in disaster relief situations throughout the country. They are better for extended use as communities rebuild and recover. Even if you are a single homeowner affected by a disaster or working on a remodel, our trailers are easy to rent and customize to your needs.

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To learn more about Mobile Kitchens USA and our mobile restroom trailers ideal for disaster relief, contact us today.

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