Every Tree Lighting Event Needs Restroom Trailers

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The holiday season is here and that means a lot of special events revolving around traditional winter festivities. Outdoor ice skating and hockey games, winter carnivals, Santa’s village, and of course tree lighting ceremonies are fantastic events that draw people from throughout your community.

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As with any event, having public restrooms available for your crowds is a major requirement. First, you have to determine your needs. How many days will your event run? How many people are you expecting each day? What kind of restroom facilities do you want to offer? If you want a more sanitary option that can handle larger crowds, you’ll definitely want to consider renting a mobile restroom trailer (or several in the case of really large events).

What is a mobile restroom trailer? It goes way beyond a basic port-a-potty to offer your guests a clean, comfortable and climate-controlled space to do their business. Mobile restroom trailers are customizable to your needs and can be equipped with handicap ramps and stalls to accommodate your differently abled guests. They provide private stalls and urinal stations with full plumbing. They provide sinks with plenty of soap and running water for people to wash their hands and prevent the spread of germs in a large crowd situation.

Since all tree lighting ceremonies are at night and the weather is chilly this time of year, the biggest advantage is having a nice warm place for your guests to use the restroom rather than a cold, dark plastic box. Your special winter event will run smoothly and mobile restroom trailers are more affordable to rent than you probably think. Mobile Kitchens USA can work with your budget and provide you the optimal solutions for your mobile restroom needs.

The holidays are meant to be enjoyed with friends, family and community members sharing in special events like tree lighting ceremonies. Give them the best restroom space you can with a custom mobile restroom trailer from Mobile Kitchens USA.

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