Personalize Your Mobile Kitchen with a Custom Wrap

If you are purchasing a mobile kitchen trailer for your on-the-go food service or catering business, branding is another key to success. You want your trailer to stand out and represent your business in a powerful and professional way. A custom wrap is the ideal way to accomplish these important goals.

These days, a simple paint job won’t cut it and a detailed custom paint job will require a significant financial investment. Custom graphic wraps are affordable and easy to apply to any vehicle. They are designed with your specific brand and will give you that “wow” factor you want when your trailer is going down the street. In essence, your mobile kitchen trailer will be doing some of its own marketing because of the graphics.

The great thing to consider about a wrap is that it’s a one-time investment that will hold up for many, many years as you build your mobile kitchen business. Once the vinyl graphics are applied, they are durable and the colors stay bright longer than most paint jobs.

There are multiple wrap options available. You can have the entire trailer wrapped from edge to edge. You can have it partially done to save a little money and only enhance key areas on the unit. Or, you can apply just your logo or simple lettering if you really need to save money as your business gets started. Whatever your budget and whatever your branding needs, there is a marketing solution that will help you trailer look sharp and professional.

Just imagine rolling your mobile kitchen through the community and having all eyes drawn toward these powerful graphics. People will remember your mobile business with such dynamic branding that is as mobile as your kitchen trailer itself. For more information on kitchen trailers, food prep units, mobile refrigeration/freezer trailers or any other Mobile Kitchens USA trailer units, give us a call!

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