Remember These Tips When Planning a Winter Wedding

There can be something truly enchanting about a winter wedding outdoors. However, planning such an event can often bring more unique problems than a spring or summer ceremony. Here are some helpful tips for planning an outdoor wedding in the winter.

1. Keep Your Guests Comfortable

If the ceremony or reception is taking place outdoors, make sure your guests are kept warm. Set up portable heaters or fire pits, tent the key areas, give people gloves, scarves, blankets and hand warmers, and have plenty of warm drinks like coffee, tea, hot chocolate and specialty cocktails ready to serve.

2. Have At Least One Indoor Area

Even if the majority of the event is taking place outdoors, make sure to have at least one warm, climate-controlled indoor area for people to retreat to if needed.

3. Offer a Seasonal Menu

One of the special things about a winter wedding is the season itself. Choose a reception menu that offers seasonal selections and themed dishes your guests will appreciate.

4. Have Great Music

One of the best ways to stay warm during the reception is to have people out on the dance floor. Hire an energetic band or DJ to provide upbeat music that keeps people dancing. You’ll still want those slow dances in the mix, though, but maybe not as many for a winter wedding.

5. Make Sure the Bride is Warm

Brides generally will sacrifice comfort in the name of style when it comes to their wedding dresses. For a winter wedding, though, you might choose something with a little more coverage or at least be sure to wear an extra layer underneath for added warmth.

6. Rent Restroom Trailers

With any outdoor event, you need to cover restroom needs. Mobile restroom trailers are an ideal solution for a wedding. They give people a warm, clean comfortable place for their restroom needs because they are climate-controlled and offer full plumbing. They can also be utilized as changing rooms for the bridal party.

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