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It’s a story we see all the time in the construction industry. A construction worker stays in a hotel or commutes early in the morning. At most, he might be able to grab a cup of coffee and a quick bite to eat just to get through the morning, but it usually ends up being something unhealthy. At lunch, a food truck might roll around or he’ll get together with the other guys and hit up the nearest fast food restaurant. It’s the typical life of a construction worker, but the unhealthy eating habits aren’t good.

Studies have shown that healthier eating habits can lead to more happy and productive workers. Unfortunately, most workers—especially those in the construction industry—don’t have access to fresh and healthy food. They eat what they can when they can, and the options usually are quite unhealthy.

More and more construction companies are beginning to work with Mobile Kitchens USA to bring in a mobile kitchen unit that can be placed on site throughout the build. It can have all the amenities of a home kitchen (stove, dishwasher, refrigerator/freezer, countertops and shelves/cabinets for storage). It can enable workers to enjoy fresher meals and promote healthier eating habits.

Some companies go so far as to hire a cook and other staff to prepare meals and serve the workers, but you don’t have to go that far. Simply having a kitchen that workers can access, store food and cooking supplies and make their own meals is a huge advantage in itself. They can enjoy more meals with one another, which builds camaraderie around the construction site. They can prepare their own fresh breakfasts, lunches and snacks without having to go offsite in search of greasy fast food.

Whether you have a large construction project or just a handful of workers on your project, Mobile Kitchens USA can help you get the right mobile kitchen trailer, skid kitchen, tented dining area or mobile restroom trailer to put on your work site and help keep your workers happier and healthier with more home-like amenities on hand. What’s also great is it can easily be moved around the property to accommodate different phases of construction. The benefits are numerous!

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