Things to Think About When Choosing a Portable Restroom

When you have a mobile restroom trailer, it is important to keep them sanitary. This is especially true if in use for more than one day. Examples might include a construction site, disaster relief station, major home renovation project or multi-day special event. Whatever the reason you are using a mobile restroom trailer, it needs to be kept clean.

Obviously, you want your workers or guests to be comfortable when using the facility, but there are sometimes bigger concerns such as health code violations. Ultimately, it is a public restroom and you’ll want to uphold certain standards of cleanliness. Below, you’ll find a list of simple tips you can follow to help keep your mobile restroom trailer clean and sanitary:

1. Prepare a Cleaning Kit

You’ll want to have all the necessary cleaning tools like mops, brooms, toilet brushes, rags, towels and buckets. You’ll need cleaning solutions like glass cleaner for the mirrors and industrial grade disinfectants for toilets, sinks, countertops, floors and all surfaces in the trailer. You’ll need gloves for those doing the cleaning.

2. Designate a Janitor

If your operation is big enough that you have a full-time janitor, then you’re covered. Otherwise, you can hire part-time people for restroom cleaning or designate members of your staff or volunteers at your event to do the job. Perhaps there’s a rotating schedule so everyone has a turn or two during the course of a work week. Whatever method you use, just make sure someone is taking care of the cleaning at least once a day.

3. Cover the Details

In addition to cleaning the surfaces and drains, you’ll want to address any potential problems. These include drain clogs, overflowing toilets or cracks in any surfaces or pipes. Be on the lookout for things while the cleaning is done.

4. Drain and Fill the Tanks

Mobile restroom trailers do have water tanks to keep water flowing through sinks and appliances. They also have septic tanks for waste. Contact Mobile Kitchens to understand how these tanks work, how big they are, how often they should be filled/drained and how they need to be filled/drained properly based on your specific mobile restroom trailer model.

A portable restroom trailer doesn’t need to be gross. Keep them clean with these easy tips.

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