Top Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Portable Restroom

When you are planning for a special event such as a wedding, concert, street faire, bar mitzvah or birthday party, you always have to take into consideration the restroom experience for your guests. This is especially true in an outdoor venue when clean public restrooms might not be readily available or adequate enough to handle the amount of people in attendance. We’ve put together this list of questions you should ask yourself and your planning committee before choosing your portable restroom solution.

What type of event is it?

Different events will have different guest expectations. Nice weddings and parties will require a more civilized option like a mobile restroom trailer that has flowing water, full plumbing, sinks and areas for people to change clothes. Outdoor concerts and sporting events may not be as fancy, but you still need to consider whether or not you want to provide a more sanitary restroom option than a smelly plastic box.

Who are your guests?

The best way to determine what type of portable restroom you need is to have an idea of who your guests are and what they expect. You want to provide a positive experience and the restroom situation has more impact than you might think at most events.

How many people are expected to attend?

Once you have an idea of who your guests are, you need to get an estimate of how many attendees there will be. Will one small mobile restroom trailer suffice or do you need a bigger unit? You may need more than one trailer on site to keep your guests happy.

What activities will your guests be doing?

If food and drinks are a big part of your event, then restrooms are of vital importance. If you need space for a wedding party to get ready or a backstage preparation area for your outdoor concert’s performers, then obviously port-a-potties won’t cut it. Having a mobile restroom trailer customized with the space and amenities you need is a fantastic solution. Mobile Kitchens USA can customize your trailer with toilets, sinks, changing areas, showers and also handicap access.

What is your budget?

You know what you need and what your guests will like the most, but figuring out your budget is also important. Mobile Kitchens USA will work with you and your budget to find cost-effective solutions. Mobile restroom trailers are more affordable than you think and your guests will sure notice the difference.

Having the right restroom experience can help make your event the best it can be, so let Mobile Kitchens USA show you the possibilities.

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