Mobile Kitchens USA Rents Mobile Dishwashing Unit to San Manuel Indian Casino

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At Mobile Kitchens USA, we have clients that come from a variety of industries. Whether it’s a restaurant, school or hospital, we can provide you with the proper temporary kitchen equipment you need. Just give us a call and we will take care of all your needs.

Since October 2016, San Manuel Indian Bingo & Casino has been renting one of our dishwashing units. As they work on a major remodel of their dishwashing facility, renting our temporary unit was an ideal solution for them.

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Mobile Kitchens USA was actually contacted and hired by the construction company, Penta Building Group, who has been working on the renovation. We have worked with this company in the past and have also provided mobile facilities to San Manuel Indian Bingo & Casino before. It has been a great experience getting to work with two repeat customers at the same time. The representatives from Penta Building Group knew they could call upon Mobile Kitchens USA to deliver a quality mobile dishwashing trailer for rent.

Penta and San Manuel rented an 8.5” x 47’9” Mobile Dishwashing Semi Trailer, otherwise known as Unit #CTD-7A. It is one of our most popular mobile dishwashing units. It features a hood exhaust system, metro shelving, inflight dish machine, clean table, dirty table, three-compartment pot sink, and utility sink with splash. It also has a front-mounted Wall King air conditioning unit that helps keep the workers comfortable while cleaning dishes in the trailer. Having all of these features included in one unit makes it easy for kitchen staff to proceed with their usual tasks while their usual kitchen is under construction.

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For San Manuel Indian Casino, this dishwashing trailer met and exceed their expectations. They were able to utilize the trailer and dishwashing machine nonstop, while also having enough space for about five workers to use the unit at one time. The ease and convenience that came along with renting one of our units made them happy to have chosen to work with Mobile Kitchens USA.

Mobile dishwashing units are some of the more specialized rental trailers we rent and sell at Mobile Kitchens USA. We’re most known for our mobile kitchen units and mobile restroom trailers that are utilized for special events, construction renovations, mobile restaurants and even natural disaster relief efforts. However, we have many unit options for just about any specific service equipment or space that you need temporarily or permanently placed.


For more information about Mobile Kitchens USA, check out our website or give us a call to discuss your mobile dishwashing, mobile kitchen, mobile restroom or other mobile trailer options. Tell us your needs and we’ll find the perfect piece(s) of equipment to fit them.

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