Good Shepherd Medical Center Marshall Rents Mobile Kitchen and Dishwasher Trailers During Kitchen Renovation

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When your kitchen is undergoing a major renovation, the last thing you want to do is close shop completely – especially when lots of people are counting on you to be open. Fortunately, with help from Mobile Kitchens USA, you don’t have to worry about temporarily closing! We provide quality mobile kitchen units and trailers for rent at a reasonable cost. That way, you can keep your business open while your kitchen is under construction.

One of our clients, Good Shepherd Medical Center Marshall is currently renting two large mobile kitchen trailers from Mobile Kitchens USA while their main kitchen is under renovation. Located in Marshall, Texas, Good Shepherd Medical Center Marshall cares for many hospital patients, visitors and staff, so the food preparation and service is very important. Last year, they decided to do a major renovation of the kitchen in order to better meet their needs. It has been a significant renovation project and is still under construction.

However, because of all the people they are providing food for, Good Shepherd still needed to have a large, operational kitchen on site during the renovation. Food needed to be prepared and served daily, so it would have been catastrophic to completely shut down the kitchen for several months.

That’s why the people at Good Shepherd turned to Mobile Kitchens USA to get a temporary kitchen facility set up at the hospital. They are currently renting out two large trailers that have been customized to handle the amount of food that needs to be prepared every day.

One of the units Good Shepherd Medical Center Marshall decided to rent was an 8’ x 46’7” Mobile Kitchen Semi Trailer (Unit #LQ-1). This is a top-of-the-line mobile kitchen trailer with a modular set up. Their trailer features a 30’ hood fire/exhaust system, a double-door steamer, a double convection oven, a six-burner range, a flat grill and a double-basket deep fryer for cooking. There is ample storage, including two hot boxes and a reach-in refrigerator. The unit also has two work tables, a three-compartment sink and a hand sink. It is customized to handle propane equipment and heat is also available on demand.

They are also renting an 8’ x 46’6” Mobile Kitchen Dishwasher Semi Trailer (Unit #CTC-620). This trailer features a great hood exhaust system to go along with its CMA-44L double-dish machine. There is a clean table and a dirty table along with two work tables and two metro shelves. It also has a three-compartment sink and hand sink. The workers inside washing dishes all day really enjoy the front-mounted air conditioning unit.

Good Shepherd Medical Center Marshall is definitely getting the most out of their two mobile trailers. They’ve been able to work on the hospital’s kitchen restoration without having to sacrifice any food services, so it is working out perfectly.

To learn more about Mobile Kitchens USA and our various trailers available for rent or purchase, contact us today.

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