Chipotle Rents Mobile Kitchen Trailer to Use as Test Kitchen

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When restaurant owners are interested in expanding their menu, it can oftentimes be a challenge to find the space to create new dishes. With half of the kitchen staff cooking for customers and the other half creating new recipes, this can make for one hectic kitchen. But there’s a way to avoid all this – rent a mobile kitchen trailer unit from Mobile Kitchens USA! Our trailers will allow you to meet the needs of your current customers while simultaneously having the space to create new recipes. To learn more about our available trailers, contact Mobile Kitchens USA today.

Recently, Chipotle Mexican Grill was interested in renting out a mobile kitchen trailer unit from us. Their research and development team wanted to set up a test kitchen, where their chefs could try new recipes and develop new menu items that could be released throughout their chain of franchise restaurants.

For those that aren’t familiar with Chipotle Mexican Grill, it is a restaurant known for their fast casual dining atmosphere, fresh ingredients and naturally-raised meats. They are also always looking for new recipes and menu items to introduce in their restaurants. Setting up a temporary test kitchen was ideal, since they could continue feeding their current customers and try out new recipes at the same time. They knew they needed a reliable mobile kitchen trailer, which is why they reached out to Mobile Kitchens USA.

After discussing their food preparation and service needs in detail, Mobile Kitchens USA provided a customized kitchen trailer. All our units are modular in design, so we can include whatever storage, counter/shelving space and appliances our clients need.

Chipotle Mexican Grill agreed to a 6-month rental on an 8’ x 28’ Mobile Kitchen Semi Trailer Unit (Model #CTC-579). The interior was customized to meet their specs. This mobile kitchen trailer was set up to utilize propane-based equipment. It featured a six-burner stove with oven, along with a flat grill and a double-basket deep fryer for cooking different types of food. It also had a hotbox for warm food storage in addition to a massive double-door reach-in refrigerator for cold food storage.

When it came to food preparation space, there was ample room to work. The mobile kitchen unit contained several different large work tables and a metro shelf. It was also equipped with a sturdy set of wooden steps to make it easy for workers to get in and out.

Chipotle’s executive chefs sure got a lot of use out of the mobile kitchen trailer during their 6-month test kitchen rental. They were also able to develop some new ideas and recipes to implement into their various restaurant locations.

For more information about how to rent or purchase a mobile kitchen trailer unit from Mobile Kitchens USA, give us a call or browse through our website. Whatever your mobile kitchen, restroom, dishwashing and food storage needs, we have you covered!

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