Hospital in San Bernardino Rents 3 Mobile Kitchens During Renovation

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In 2016, the San Bernardino Mountains Community Hospital District contacted Mobile Kitchens USA, asking to rent multiple mobile kitchen trailers from us while the main hospital kitchen was being renovated. They were undergoing a big remodeling project in the kitchen, so it was important to still have food service capabilities for their patients, guests and hospital staff.

About Mountains Community Hospital

The Mountains Community Hospital in Lake Arrowhead, CA is a full-service hospital, providing expert medical care to members of the community. They have a 24-hour emergency room, 17 surgical beds, 18 recovery and extended care beds, a research laboratory, radiology center, two surgical suites and even a heliport to handle extreme medical emergencies. They offer general family practice and surgery in addition to many specialized medical services such as ophthalmology, dentistry, podiatry, orthopedics, pediatrics, dermatology and psychology.

When the hospital underwent the two-month renovation, they called Mobile Kitchens USA for help. Requesting three mobile kitchen units with ample space to store and prepare food, we set them up with customized trailers to meet their specific requirements.

What They Rented

First, there was an 8’ x 46’7” mobile kitchen semi-trailer unit (model #P-5). It was designed for propane-based cooking equipment, featuring a 20-foot hood fire and exhaust system, two 6-burner stoves with ovens underneath and a double-door steamer for cooking. There was also a lot of food prep and dishwashing space for the kitchen staff to utilize. This trailer had four large work tables, a metro shelf, a 3-compartment sink and a hand sink. This unit also included a front-mounted air conditioning unit.

The next mobile kitchen semi trailer they rented was the same size at 8’ x 46’7” (model #P-6). Food storage and food preparation space were the main purposes of this unit. It included three double-door reach-in refrigerators, three double-door reach-in freezers, five metro shelves, a 4-foot work table, two 2-compartment prep sinks and a hand sink.

Last but not least was yet another 8’ x 46’7” unit. This one was a mobile dishwashing semi-trailer (model #P-8). It featured a hood exhaust system, single dishwashing machine, clean table, dirty table with scrap basket and pre-rinse sprayer, three work tables, three metro shelves, a 3-compartment sink and a hand sink.

The Perfect Solution

The San Bernardino Mountains Community Hospital District was extremely grateful to have these three mobile kitchen trailers rented from Mobile Kitchens USA. They were able to complete the hospital’s kitchen renovation without sacrificing any time, quality or quantity of regular food service at the medical center.

For more information about custom mobile kitchens and dishwashing trailers for rent or purchase from Mobile Kitchens USA, contact us today!

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