WESTLiving Rents Mobile Kitchen Trailers During Senior Living Facility Renovation

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Sooner or later, every kitchen must undergo a remodel of some kind. But if you provide food at a healthcare facility, you cannot afford to close down shop completely while the space is being remodeled. So what’s the best solution? Mobile Kitchens USA! We provide mobile kitchen trailers and units for rent or for purchase, so you can keep serving food to your patients and visitors while your kitchen is under construction.

WESTLiving recently completed an 8-month rental of two mobile kitchen trailer units from Mobile Kitchens USA. They were undergoing a major kitchen renovation project at their Oakdale of La Mesa senior living community outside of San Diego, CA, which is why they reached out to us for assistance.

About the Customer

WESTLIving is a leading senior living management company that operates in many communities throughout the West Coast. They represent nine facilities throughout California, Arizona, and Washington. From assisted living to independent living to memory care, their goal is to make life as comfortable for the residents as possible. By maintaining quality facilities and living spaces paired with the best in medical care and assistance, WESTLiving is well-known for their excellent senior living services.

In 2015, WESTLiving acquired Oakdale of La Mesa, which is an independent, assisted living and memory care community just east of San Diego. It features 121 assisted living apartments and 59 memory care units. In addition, Oakdale has 180 senior living apartments where residents can enjoy an independent lifestyle.

The community definitely needed some TLC when WESTLiving took over management, so they have been involved in some different renovation projects. One of the biggest undertakings was the kitchen and dishwashing facilities that were essential in preparing quality food for residents. The kitchen renovation took eight months to complete, so naturally, they needed a temporary kitchen and dishwashing facility to handle the community’s food service needs. That’s when they reached out to Mobile Kitchens USA.

Meeting Their Needs

WESTLiving contracted with us for the rental of two large mobile kitchen trailer units. Each was customized to meet the specific requirements of the community and food service staff.

First, there was an 8’ x 50’ mobile kitchen semi-trailer unit (#CTCR-507). It was set up to run on natural gas equipment. In order to handle the cooking needs, the trailer featured a double-door steamer, a double convection oven, a 6-burner stove with an oven underneath, a flat grill and a double basket deep fryer. The mobile unit also included a large walk-in refrigerator with metro shelving, a reach-in freezer, a three-compartment sink, hand sink, two work tables and a hood/fire/exhaust system.

The second unit was another 8’ x 50’ mobile kitchen semi-trailer (#CTCD-526) that was set up exclusively for washing dishes. The dishwashing trailer featured a CMA 44L low-temperature dishwashing machine, a clean table, a dirty table, a three-compartment sink, a hand sink and a large work table.

The Ideal Results

The trailers that WESTLiving rented from Mobile Kitchens USA worked out perfectly. They were able to continue preparing quality food and washing dishes without disruption to the normal workflow. Once the renovation project was complete, we removed the temporary facilities and they were able to start using the new permanent facilities on site.

If you are looking to rent or purchase a mobile kitchen, dishwashing, refrigeration or restroom trailer for your business or special event, contact Mobile Kitchens USA today.

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