Fresh & Ready Foods Rents Mobile Kitchens USA Trailers During Kitchen Renovation

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Do you need to remodel your company’s kitchen, but aren’t able to temporarily close the business to do it? With help from Mobile Kitchens USA, you don’t have to! Our mobile kitchen units are designed so you can carry on with your business while your space is being renovated. To learn more about our units available for rent or for purchase, contact Mobile Kitchens USA today!

For the next few months, Fresh & Ready Foods will have two of our mobile kitchen trailers on site while they complete some renovation work at their main kitchen facilities in the San Fernando Valley. The units were delivered in late March and they will be in use through the end of May 2017. 

About Fresh & Ready Foods

Fresh & Ready Foods is one of the the Southwest’s leading manufacturers and distributors of fresh-made foods. They are based in San Fernando, California and got their start in 1990 by providing food services to local colleges and hospitals. Since then, the company has grown immensely and they now to business throughout all of California, Nevada, and Arizona.

Fresh & Ready Foods prepares box lunches, salads, sandwiches, baked goods and other foods that are delivered fresh every day to regular customers and special events. Airlines, convention centers, business dining facilities, medical centers, hotels, retail locations and military bases are some examples of their ever-expanding customer base. Fresh & Ready Foods can also provide emergency food services, thanks to their 24-hour call center and a fleet of refrigerated trucks ready for timely deliveries.

Customized Mobile Units

Naturally, when Fresh & Ready needed to make some renovations and upgrades in their main San Fernando kitchen, they had to keep business going. They needed a way to continue preparing fresh meals and washing dishes during the remodeling process. That’s why they reached out to Mobile Kitchens USA. We customized two large mobile kitchen trailer units based on their specifications.

First, they requested an 8’x30’ Mobile Kitchen Semi Trailer Unit (Model #CTC-579) that was set up to contain natural gas equipment. It features a hood, fire and exhaust system. For cooking, there are three double convection ovens, two 100-gallon kettles, and one tilt skillet. The trailer also includes a 1,000-pound ice machine, two work tables, a three-compartment sink and a hand sink. Last but not least, this unit was also equipped with a front-mounted air conditioning unit to help keep workers cool.

In addition, Fresh & Ready rented an 8’x28’ Mobile Dishwashing Semi Trailer Unit (#CTCR-606). This unit features a large storage area, a powerful dishwashing machine, a clean table, a dirty table with a pre-rinse sprayer, a three compartment pot sink, and a hand sink.

The Ideal Solution

By renting these mobile kitchen and dishwashing trailers from Mobile Kitchens USA, Fresh & Ready Foods has been able to continue its food service needs on site without missing a beat. They are able to do everything they did in their old kitchen facility. Once the renovations are complete and the rental agreement is over, we will remove the trailers for them and they can get back to normal. That’s the convenience of renting mobile kitchen trailers from Mobile Kitchens USA.

Contact Mobile Kitchens USA today for more information about customized mobile kitchen, dishwashing, restroom and food storage units for rent or for purchase.

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