Winston Medical Center Turns to Mobile Kitchens USA for Long-Term Rental

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For the past nine months, Morrison Management Specialists has been renting out a mobile kitchen trailer from Mobile Kitchens USA. Morrison manages the Winston Medical Center in Louisville, Mississippi. Unfortunately, their main kitchen facility encountered some problems and has been out of operation. They needed to rent a mobile unit while their kitchen was being repaired and upgraded, so they decided to reach out to Mobile Kitchens USA.

About the Client

Morrison Management Specialists is based out of Mobile, Alabama. They provide healthcare management and food services to facilities throughout the country. Winston Medical Center is one of the major healthcare facilities that they manage. Providing fresh food service to patients and staff is always an important priority.

When their main kitchen temporarily went out of operation, they turned to Mobile Kitchens USA for a rental solution. This would enable them to continue providing food services at the facility while the normal kitchen was being renovated. The rental began in the summer of 2016 and is set to end sometime in early May 2017.

How Mobile Kitchens USA Met Their Needs

Morrison Management Specialists contracted for a large Mobile Kitchens USA trailer to be delivered and set up on the Winston Medical Center property. They rented an 8’x28’ Mobile Kitchen Semi Trailer Unit (Model #JTC-4468).

This mobile kitchen trailer was customized to meet the specifications and needs of the Winston Medical Center food service staff. It features a double-stack convection oven, a six-burner range with oven, a double-basket deep fryer, a 36-inch flat grill and a double-door steamer for cooking. The trailer also includes a 20-foot hood, fire system, exhaust system and electric equipment. The facility is responsible for providing power and hooking up the electrical connection to the trailer.

That electricity powers an air conditioning unit, heat pump, thermostat and a 119-gallon hot water heater. The water heater was set up in a small shed that is located just outside of the trailer. A subpanel box was also set up outside the trailer. The client requested that the kitchen trailer also have a side door for additional access, and Mobile Kitchens USA was happy to accommodate that request.

For clean-up, the mobile kitchen trailer features a three-compartment sink that has a stainless steel cover that’s used during serving, a work table, a five-well steam table, a metro shelf and a grease trap. It is the client’s responsibility to clean and maintain the grease pump on a regular basis.

You Can Count on Mobile Kitchens USA

Having this trailer on site with all the customized features has enabled Winston Medical Center to continue providing quality food service to the entire facility without interruption. They are grateful to have had this temporary kitchen available while their main kitchen is being worked on.

Whatever your needs are, you can count on Mobile Kitchens USA to get you the right customized mobile trailer for rent or purchase. Contact us today and see what we can do for you!

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