Colorado Hospital Rents Two Large Kitchen Trailers from Mobile Kitchens USA

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If you work for a hospital or healthcare facility, you understand just how important the site’s kitchen is to the patients and staff. That’s why it is nearly impossible to close the kitchen entirely while you remodel the space. But with Mobile Kitchens USA, you can do it all! Our mobile trailer units allow hospitals and healthcare sites to continue providing their usual meals while their kitchen undergoes a remodel. To learn more about our available units, contact us today!

The University of Colorado (UC) Health Memorial Hospital recently contracted with Mobile Kitchens USA for the rental of two large mobile kitchen trailers. Their main hospital kitchen was being renovated, so they brought in a mobile unit to handle the needs of the kitchen staff and continue regular food service for patients and staff. Continue reading to learn more about their experience!

About UCHealth Memorial Hospital

UCHealth Memorial Hospital is located in Colorado Springs, CO. It is widely recognized as a leading health care system, providing top-notch medical research and patient care since 2012. They offer many inpatient and outpatient services with a goal of improving lives for the people of their community.

UCHealth Memorial Hospital contacted Mobile Kitchens USA in 2016. They were getting ready to renovate their kitchen facility at the hospital. We worked with them to get two customized mobile kitchen trailers ready and set up to the specifications they requested.

What They Rented

First, Mobile Kitchens USA provided a massive 8’ x 50’ Mobile Tray Line Semi Trailer Unit (#CTCT-530). It featured two double-door reach-in refrigerators, a large walk-in refrigerator, a three-compartment pot sink, a hand sink, a metro shelf, three work tables with additional shelving above, a three-well steam table, two bunker freezers, a coffee dispenser, a tea dispenser and propane heating system.

The second unit was an 8’ x 46’6” Mobile Hot Deli Semi Trailer Unit (#CTC-584). It was loaded with a double-convection oven, a six-burner stove with oven, two double-door steamers, two 24-inch flat grills with refrigerated chef base, a hot box and a five-well steam table for cooking. The trailer also featured plenty of food preparation and storage space. It included a hand sink, a two-compartment prep sink with shelving above, a 4-foot salad bar table, a plate car, a large work table with Merrychef, base and lid storage, an upright single-door refrigerator (used as a deli cooler), a 6-foot work table with shelving, an induction heater, a double-door reach-in refrigerator and three 250-gallong gray water tanks. This trailer was also set up with a propane heating system.

The Ideal Temporary Kitchen Solution

UCHealth Memorial Hospital was able to continue providing all of their regular food services while the main kitchen facility was renovated. They were extremely happy to have our temporary kitchen trailers on site during this time.

To learn more about Mobile Kitchens USA and the modular trailers we have available for rent or purchase, contact us today!

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