Mobile Kitchens USA Provides Mobile Kitchen Trailers for Irwin County Detention Center

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At Mobile Kitchens USA, we provide mobile food service trailers and units for a variety of industries. Whether it’s a restaurant, hospital or even a detention center, we’ll be able to provide you with the rental equipment you need. To learn more about our products, contact us today!

Irwin County Detention Center is a facility in Ocilla, Georgia, which is about three hours north of Atlanta. It houses inmates and detainees being held for Immigration and Customs Enforcement infractions. When it was time to update their kitchen, they needed a way to be able to continue feeding inmates and detainees with construction was going on. That’s when they called Mobile Kitchens USA for help.

About the Customer

CGL is the company that manages food service for the detention facility. Their representatives recently contacted the team at Mobile Kitchens USA. Work needed to be done on the detention center’s normal kitchen facility that provides food for inmates and staff. Therefore, CGL needed to rent two mobile kitchen trailers for one month.

Mobile Kitchens USA worked with CGL to customize the ideal mobile kitchen units that were delivered to the Irwin County Detention Center site. We were able to meet their requirements and provide the ideal mobile kitchen setups that would allow them to continue regular food service without disruption.

What They Rented

The first trailer CGL rented for the Irwin County Detention Center was an 8’ x 45’ Mobile Kitchen Semi Trailer Unit (#CTCR-45). It was set up to utilize propane-based equipment. This trailer included a hood, fire system, and exhaust system, along with cooking equipment designed to handle large quantities of food preparation. It also included a 40-gallon tilt skillet, a 60-gallon kettle, a flat grill, a six-burner stove with an oven underneath, a double-door steamer and two double-convection ovens.

Specifically, this kitchen trailer had a large walk-in refrigerator with metro shelves, a three-compartment sink, and a hand sink. We also equipped it with a heating unit, so the workers could have heat available on demand.

The second trailer that CGL rented was primarily for food storage and preparation. It was the same size at 8’ x 45’ (model #JTPR-2061), and also contained propane-based equipment, hood, fire system, exhaust system and heat on demand. The centerpiece of this trailer was the massive 7’3” x 12’ walk-in freezer with metro shelves. Four large work tables, a metro shelf, a three-compartment sink and hand sink were provided in this trailer as well.

Food Service, Uninterrupted

Thanks to the two trailers rented from Mobile Kitchens USA, the food services at Irwin County Detention Center have continued as normal. CGL were able to provide freshly prepared food to the staff, inmates, and detainees at the facility. The kitchen staff couldn’t be more grateful to have these mobile kitchen units on site while the normal kitchen was out of operation.

To learn more about Mobile Kitchens USA and the types of mobile kitchen, restroom, refrigeration and dishwashing trailers available for rent or purchase, contact us today!

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