The Athenian School Uses Mobile Kitchens During Kitchen Renovation

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The Athenian School is a progressive educational institution based in Danville, California. They have Middle and Upper School programs serving students in the East Bay Area and from around the world. Their focus is hands-on learning, where students can explore intellectual concepts and discover how to make meaningful contributions to society. Students practice teamwork, leadership, global citizenship and empathy while studying a variety of academic subjects. As The Athenian School continues to grow, more renovations have taken place. One of those renovations was to their on-site kitchen.

Food Service Needs

The school’s kitchen serves food to students, faculty and administrative staff. While it was being renovated, The Athenian School sought assistance from Mobile Kitchens USA. They rented two mobile units from us; one was a large kitchen facility while the other was a mid-size mobile dishwashing unit.

The ground level container units rented by The Athenian School are slightly different from our standard mobile kitchen trailers; they are customized and set up within containers which are delivered and placed on the property. Some clients prefer a more stable foundation and ground level entry. This was important to The Athenian School since they needed to be able to serve food right from the trailers.

About the Mobile Kitchen Units

First, there was the 8’ x 40’ Mobile Kitchen Container Ground Level Unit (#CCC-551). It was set up to utilize propane-based equipment. It contained a 20’ hood, fire system and exhaust system. For cooking, there was a double convection oven, a 30-gallon tilt skillet and a hot box for keeping food warm. It also included a six-burner range and a 36” flat grill, each with an oven underneath. The mobile kitchen unit was also stocked with two double-door reach-in refrigerators, two double-door reach-in freezers, a two-compartment prep sink, a hand sink, metro shelving, two work tables and five serving windows. A roof-mounted air conditioning unit was also installed, to which the client is responsible for connecting electricity.

In addition to the mobile kitchen unit, The Athenian School also rented an 8’ x 20’ Mobile Dishwashing Container Ground Level Unit (#CCD-603). It featured a three compartment pot sink, a hand sink, an ice machine with ice bin, metro shelving drying racks and two large clean and dirty tables. This unit also included an air conditioning unit.

The Right Mobile Solution

The Athenian School was able to continue regular food service to students, faculty, and administrators while their normal kitchen was being redone. They were grateful to have the ground level Mobile Kitchens USA units on the property to keep operations running as usual.

Mobile Kitchens USA has a wide variety of customizable mobile kitchen and dishwashing units. For more information about our rent or purchase availabilities, contact us today.

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