Recovery Centers of America Rents Mobile Kitchen During Renovation

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Are you in need of a rentable mobile kitchen unit? Then you’ve come to the right place! At Mobile Kitchens USA, we provide a variety of quality, customizable trailers, and units for rent and purchase. Continue reading to see how our mobile kitchen unit helped Recovery Centers of America during their kitchen renovation.

Who is Recovery Centers of America?

Recovery Centers of America is a wellness company focused on addiction recovery. They have many five-star addiction recovery centers throughout the East Coast, where they focus on substance abuse-related treatments, such as alcoholism and drug addiction. Their goal is to create long-term addiction recovery results to avoid relapses and help patients rebuild their lives.

Eating healthy and regular meals is a vital aspect of the treatment routine, so each center must have a functioning kitchen facility to feed its patients, doctors, and staff.

Need for Regular Food Service

The recovery center located in Devon, Pennsylvania recently underwent a major kitchen renovation. While the normal kitchen facility was down, they still needed to have quality food services available to everyone at the center. That’s what led the recovery center to contact Mobile Kitchens USA for a five-month rental of a mobile kitchen and dishwashing trailer. Our team worked closely with the client to set up a mobile kitchen trailer that met their specific needs.

What They Rented

Recovery Centers of America in Devon rented an 8’ x 48’ Mobile Kitchen and Dishwashing Semi Trailer (Unit #CTCR-518) from Mobile Kitchens USA. It was equipped with all the food preparation space, storage areas, appliances and other equipment that the customer requested.

This mobile trailer unit contained propane-based equipment, including a hood, fire system and exhaust system for safety. For cold storage, the trailer was equipped with a large (7’3” x 11’) walk-in refrigerator complete with metro shelving. It also had a double-door reach-in freezer.

There was plenty of equipment for cooking as well. The mobile kitchen trailer featured a flat grill, a double-convection oven, a six-burner range with an oven and a tilt skillet.

There was lots of food storage and food preparation space, including a large work table. The client also needed ample dishwashing capabilities within the trailer. Our team set them up with a large dishwashing machine, a clean table and a dirty table with a pre-rinse sprayer and dump tray. There were also two different sinks: one was a three-compartment sink for washing dishes and the other was a hand sink for the employees.

Last but not least, the trailer was designed with a heating system that employees could use on demand when it was cold outside during the winter months.

The Mobile Kitchens USA Difference

Ultimately, the Recovery Centers of America in Devon was able to continue regular food service without any problems. When the newly renovated kitchen was complete at the center, they went right back to normal operations. It couldn’t have worked out any better.

For more information about Mobile Kitchens USA and the different types of mobile kitchen, dishwashing, cold storage or restroom trailers available for purchase or rent, contact us today.

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