Conservatory at Champion Forest Rents Mobile Kitchen Trailer After Hurricane Damage

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At Mobile Kitchens USA, our mobile kitchens and other service trailers are often used to aid with emergency recovery. In the wake of the recent natural disasters, victims, volunteers, and emergency responders have required food services and supplies on site. In some cases, businesses have incurred damage to their facilities, which prompted the need for temporary kitchens.

That was the case for the Conservatory at Champion Forest in Spring, Texas. Located just north of Houston, this Discovery Senior Living Community is known for its luxury 55+ living facilities and wonderful community environment. Unfortunately, this area was hit hard by Hurricane Harvey and the Conservatory at Champion Forest encountered a great deal of flood damage.

They have been working hard to clean up and restore the facilities after the hurricane. In the meantime, staff members still needed to provide necessary services to their residents. To handle their food preparation and service needs, the Conservatory at Champion Forest contracted with Mobile Kitchens USA for a two-month rental of a mobile kitchen trailer.

What They Rented

The Conservatory at Champion Forest rented an 8’ x 48’ Mobile Kitchen Semi Trailer (Unit #CTCR-530). It came with a propane set-up and, like all of our mobile kitchen trailers, featured a standard hood, fire, and exhaust system. In order to handle the cooking needs of the staff, the trailer included a 6-burner range with an oven underneath, double-convection oven, double-basket deep fryer, double-door steamer, flat grill, tilt skillet, kettle and hot box.

For cold storage, this modular mobile kitchen trailer was customized to feature a large 7’3” x 9’6” walk-in refrigerator. Work tables were also included for food preparation. Lastly, the trailer included our heat-on-demand set-up, which is a heating system that can be used as employees need it.

Service During Recovery

With the mobile kitchen trailer from Mobile Kitchens USA, the Conservatory at Champion Forest has been able to provide regular food services to residents. As efforts move towards cleaning up and restoring the normal kitchen, the staff at Conservatory at Champion Forest can rest assured that high-quality meals and service will continue without any disruption.

To learn more about Mobile Kitchens USA and how we can customize the ideal mobile kitchen trailer for you to rent or buy, contact us today!

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