Mobile Kitchens USA Provides a Custom Kitchen Trailer for Military Training Event at Camp Pendleton

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At the Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) Camp Pendleton in North San Diego County, trainees are physically and mentally challenged every day. It’s a tough job to train for the marines, so it should come as no surprise that these brave men and women can build up an appetite. Recently, the MCAS conducted a training event at Camp Pendleton, which required providing food services to lots of hungry troops.

Special Catering for a Special Training

For an event this special, the hosts hired Pot Licker’s Catering, Inc. to provide food for the two-week stint. Pot Licker’s Catering is a popular restaurant based in Mississippi, known for their barbecue, seafood, and Cajun/Creole specialties.

The folks from Pot Licker’s Catering came out to bring their delicious dishes to the team at Camp Pendleton. However, for this kind of engagement, they needed a kitchen facility to prepare and serve all the food required for the two weeks. That’s why they reached out to Mobile Kitchens USA for a short-term rental of a mobile kitchen trailer. Overall, it was a smooth process to transport, set up and break down the customized kitchen trailer at Camp Pendleton.

What They Rented

For this special training exercise, Pot Licker’s Catering rented a small 8’ x 17’ mobile kitchen trailer. All of our trailers are equipped with standard hood, fire and exhaust systems to be up to code. For cooking, this trailer featured a double-convection oven, a flat grill and a six-burner stove with an oven underneath.

The trailer was designed with a serving window to give the soldiers easy access to the food services. A set of steps was installed for kitchen staff and a roof-mounted air conditioning unit provided comfortable temperatures inside the trailer. Finally, the unit included a three-compartment sink and a hand sink for cleaning dishes and washing hands.

Custom Trailers from Mobile Kitchens USA

Thanks to the custom trailer from Mobile Kitchens USA, Pot Licker’s Catering was able to provide some great food to the service men, women and trainers who were attending this special training exercise at Camp Pendleton.

To learn more about Mobile Kitchens USA and how to get a custom kitchen trailer set up for short-term rental, long-term lease or purchase, contact us today!

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