5 Reasons to Use a Mobile Kitchen

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Mobile kitchen trailers and skids are extremely adaptable and convenient. They can help you meet any food service requirement you have, for however long you need them. Whether you rent or purchase a unit, Mobile Kitchens USA can customize a mobile kitchen trailer based on your specifications. We’ll also deliver and remove it from the site for you, making the process seamless and simple.

Unsure whether a mobile kitchen unit is right for you? Here are 5 reasons why you might need a mobile kitchen:


  1. Kitchen Renovations
    Government buildings, jails, hospitals, schools, retirement communities and corporate headquarters all have internal food service requirements. However, what happens when you decide it’s time to renovate the kitchen facilities? The solution is easy: just rent a customized mobile kitchen from Mobile Kitchens USA. Your kitchen staff can continue to provide food service normally while the renovation work is being completed.
  1. Test Kitchens
    Companies and restaurant chains often like to set up test kitchens to try out new recipes, conduct focus groups and build customer excitement in a new market. Why build your own test kitchen when you can rent a mobile kitchen? Get it delivered to your site and set it up with all the appliances, storage space and food preparation space you need!
  1. Special Events
    Do you have a wedding, sporting event, concert, carnival or street fair coming up? Rent a temporary kitchen, refrigerator/freezer trailer, dishwasher trailer or mobile restroom trailer to handle the needs of the event. It’s such an easy solution, whether it’s a one-day event or a months-long engagement.
  1. Customization
    Whether you decide to buy or rent, a mobile kitchen trailer from Mobile Kitchens USA is fully customizable. It can be set up to the overall size you need. The inside can be customized with different appliances, refrigerators/freezers, work tables, shelves, sinks, dishwashers, and storage areas. It can also be set up to run on propane or electricity. Even air conditioning is an option, though you will be responsible for the electrical hookups.
  1. Convenience
    Mobile Kitchens USA will deliver the mobile kitchen trailer(s) right to your site and help set them up. When the lease is up, we’ll come and pick up the trailer. We’ll handle the cleaning and get the mobile unit out of your hair so you can get back to business as usual. It’s so easy and convenient.


For more information about Mobile Kitchens USA, our purchase/lease programs and our customizable mobile kitchen, restroom, dishwashing and refrigerator trailers available, contact us today!

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