A Construction Company Looks to Mobile Kitchens USA for Help

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Recently, Anderson Burton Construction, Inc., a national construction company, was hired on to complete a special renovation project in Tracy, California. However, in order to complete this project, the building under construction needed to keep food services running for its employees during the 10-month renovation. That’s when Anderson Burton Construction, Inc. contacted Mobile Kitchens USA for assistance.

About Anderson Burton Construction
Anderson Burton Construction is a national construction company serving different markets throughout the United States. They provide construction services for a variety of industries including aerospace, government, healthcare, information technology, environmental, water/wastewater and various industrial, commercial and private sectors. They offer diverse construction and support services to their clients.

Anderson Burton was hired to complete a major building renovation at the Defense Logistics Agency’s Tracy site in Northern California. The DLA provides combat logistics support to all of America’s armed forces and one of their buildings was in dire need of a renovation. This building included the facility’s cafeteria. Therefore, a temporary kitchen was needed on site to provide uninterrupted food services to the DLA site’s staff and guests.

What They Rented from Mobile Kitchens USA
The construction company rented a large 8’ x 52’ Mobile Kitchen Semi Trailer (Unit #CTCR-524). It was set up to run propane-based equipment, and it had a standard hood, fire and exhaust system for safety. The trailer featured a large walk-in refrigerator and a double-door reach-in freezer for cold food storage. For cooking, the kitchen unit was designed with a six-burner range with an oven underneath, a flat-top grill, a double-basket deep fryer and a sandwich preparation table.

The kitchen staff required a lot of work and storage space, so the trailer also included metro shelving and multiple work tables. This trailer was also designed for customer service, so it featured three service windows and a large flip-up beverage window. A three-compartment sink, hand sink, and mop sink were installed for cleaning and a heating system was available on demand. Lastly, two 250-gallon fresh water tanks, two 250-gallon gray water tanks, and a 60-gallon propane tank were included.

The Perfect Solution
Thanks to this customized mobile kitchen from Mobile Kitchens USA, the kitchen staff of the Defense Logistics Agency has been able to prepare and serve food as usual while Anderson Burton continues to renovate the cafeteria building. It has worked out well to make sure everyone’s needs were met during the long construction project.

To learn more about what Mobile Kitchens USA can do for you, contact us today. We have customizable mobile kitchen trailers for rent or purchase, so just let us know what you need and how long you need it. Then, we can make sure you get the right mobile kitchen for your situation!

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