Napa Valley Retirement Community Rents Mobile Dishwashing Container from Mobile Kitchens USA

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If you’re in need of a mobile kitchen unit, then you’ve come to the right place! At Mobile Kitchens USA, we have a wide variety of units and trailers available for rent or purchase. Whatever your needs are, our experienced staff will help you find the perfect trailer for you.

We recently assisted The Meadows of Napa Valley, a retirement community in the Napa Valley region, with renting one of our mobile dishwashing units. Learn more about their experience below.

About The Meadows of Napa Valley
The Meadows of Napa Valley represents the concept of retirement living at its finest, providing four different levels of senior care and two different types of residency plans. From apartments for independent living to assisted living and rehabilitation quarters, this 20-acre campus offers everything a retired couple or individual could want.

The Meadows of Napa Valley was recently in need of a short-term rental of a mobile dishwashing unit. They needed it on site for three months to help with dishwashing needs while their main facility was being worked on, so they contacted Mobile Kitchens USA. We were able to get a customized mobile dishwashing container set up and delivered to their campus.

Custom Dishwashing Container Specs
The mobile dishwashing container contained a standard hood and exhaust system for safety to satisfy health codes. It was equipped with a single commercial dishwashing machine that could handle the dish, glass, and utensil cleaning needs for the entire facility on a daily basis. The unit also was designed with a clean table and a dirty table with a pre-rinse sprayer and scrap basket. Two sinks were also installed. One was a three-compartment sink and the other was a hand sink for employees. Metro shelving was installed, as well, to help with organization.

This dishwashing unit was a ground-level unit built in a shipping container, which was then delivered and installed at The Meadows’ property. Once the rental period was completed, the team from Mobile Kitchens USA returned to remove the unit, and the facility was able to get right back to normal with minimal interference.

Your Mobile Solution
Thanks to Mobile Kitchens USA, The Meadows of Napa Valley kitchen staff was able to continue washing dishes without interruption, which was important with all of their daily food services throughout the community.

Do you need a mobile kitchen trailer to keep your food services running? At Mobile Kitchens USA, we have customizable mobile kitchen trailers for rent or purchase, so just let us know what you need and how long you need it. Then, we can make sure you get the right mobile kitchen for your situation! To learn more about what Mobile Kitchens USA can do for you, contact us today!

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