Bennington College in Vermont Relies on Mobile Kitchens USA During Kitchen Renovation

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Bennington College, located in Bennington, Vermont, is a progressive learning institution where students focus on developing ideas in the classroom while also applying those ideas in real-life applications. Students are encouraged to imagine and shape their own futures through Bennington’s college education programs. In fact, Bennington is the only college in the United States that requires students to enroll in an internship every winter, which is a key part of the hands-on learning process.

Time for a Renovation

Recently, Bennington College needed to do a major renovation to the campus kitchen facilities. However, they could not afford to suspend any food services for the faculty, students, and administrators. They still required kitchen facilities on site throughout the duration of the renovation.

That’s why they turned to Mobile Kitchens USA to rent three large mobile kitchen trailer units. This allowed Bennington College to continue providing food services as usual while giving the kitchen staff a comfortable place to do their jobs.

What They Rented

Bennington College rented an 8 x 47’6” Mobile Kitchen Semi Trailer Unit (#CTC-572) that was set up to utilize propane-based equipment for cooking. It featured two 40-gallon kettles, a double convection oven, a 30-foot hood space, fire system and exhaust system provided by Mobile Kitchens USA. The client provided some of their own equipment to install into our modular trailer unit, including a tilt skillet, a four-burner range with an oven underneath, a double-door steamer and another double convection oven. This kitchen trailer also contained a three-compartment sink, a hand sink, a work table, a hose real and two LP Rinnai heating units.

In addition, the client needed a cold storage unit, so Mobile Kitchens USA provided an 8’ x 46’4” Mobile Split Prep Refrigerator/Freezer Semi Trailer Unit (#CTS-575). It contained a hood and exhaust system. It also featured a large walk-in freezer with metro shelving and a big space that the client could use for prepping food or a walk-in refrigerator.

Lastly, Bennington College rented a dishwashing trailer from Mobile Kitchens USA. It was an 8’ x 44’8” Mobile Dishwashing Semi Trailer Unit (#JTD-10). It contained a hood and exhaust system, a CMA-66L low-temperature dish machine, and a Hatco booster model S-24 to increase the temperature of the dish machine, as needed. It also featured a clean table, a dirty table with a pre-rinse sprayer, a three-compartment pot sink with a garbage disposal, a hand sink and two metro shelves.

The Ideal Temporary Kitchen Solution

In the end, Bennington College got the most out of the mobile kitchen trailers that were provided by Mobile Kitchens USA. The food staff was able to continue normal services while the main kitchen renovation was being completed.

To learn more about Mobile Kitchens USA and the different types of mobile kitchen trailers, skid units and container units available for purchase or rent, contact us today!

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