Connecticut Prep School Rents 4 Large Trailers from Mobile Kitchens USA

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Avon Old Farms School, located in Avon, Connecticut, is one of the premier all-boys college prep schools in the country. Over the years, they have helped shaped the lives of many successful young men. Recently, they decided it was time to renovate their on-campus kitchen facilities, which would take up to six months to complete.

The school needed to figure out a solution that would allow them to provide normal food services to the students, faculty and other staff while the kitchen was being renovated. That’s when Avon Old Farms School decided to reach out to Mobile Kitchens USA for temporary mobile kitchen solutions. We are an industry leader in mobile kitchen trailers and other temporary facilities, with customized options that you can buy or rent for any period of time you need.

Avon Old Farms School ended up renting four different mobile trailers from us. Here’s what we customized for them:

Mobile Kitchen/Refrigeration Trailer
First, an 8’x40’ Mobile Kitchen Semi Trailer Unit (#JTCR-1050) was rented to serve as the primary kitchen. It was set up to run propane equipment and included a standard hood, fire and exhaust system for safety. It featured a large walk-in refrigerator with metro shelving, a 6-burner range with an oven underneath, a flat grill, two double-basket deep fryers with a dump station, a double-door steamer, two kettles, two hot boxes, a 3-compartment sink, a hand sink, a work table and a Buffalo Chopper.

Mobile Freezer and Food Prep Trailer
Next, the school rented an 8’x45’ Mobile Kitchen/Freezer Semi Trailer Unit (#JTPR-2061), mainly for cold food storage but also for some hot food storage and prep space. This trailer featured a large walk-in freezer with metro shelving, two double-convection ovens, a 3-compartment sink with an overhead wall shelf, a hot box, a hand sink, two large work tables, two food slicers, a floor mixer and metro shelving for storage.

Mobile Food Prep Trailer
To help with food preparation, Avon Old Farms School commissioned a customized 8’x47’ Mobile Food Prep Semi Trailer Unit (#CTP-574). It contained four work tables, metro shelving, two additional work tables with a prep sink, a 3-compartment pot sink and a hand sink.

Mobile Dishwashing Trailer
Lastly, they needed a space to clean a large number of dishes on a daily basis, which is why they rented an 8’x46’6” Mobile Dishwashing Semi Trailer Unit (#CTPD-559). It was set up with a double-dish low-temperature dishwashing machine, clean table, dirty table with pre-rinse sprayer and scrap basket, two hot water heaters, a 10-gallon expansion tank, an ice machine, metro shelving, a 3-compartment pot sink, a hand sink, a mop sink and a front-mounted air conditioning unit, which the client provides separate electrical power feed for.

Thanks to Mobile Kitchens USA, the kitchen staff at Avon Old Farms School didn’t miss a beat and were able to continue with normal food service throughout the duration of their kitchen renovation. To learn more about Mobile Kitchens USA and our customizable trailer options available for rent or purchase, contact us today!

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