Mesa County Detention Facilities Rent Two Trailers from Mobile Kitchens USA

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For facilities that need to renovate their primary kitchen space, it may seem impossible to do so while keeping food services up and running. But with Mobile Kitchens USA, that’s simply not the case! Renting or purchasing a mobile kitchen unit allows you to renovate your space while also keeping your facility’s food operations running normally.

This exact situation happened to the Mesa County Detention Facilities, located in Grand Junction, Colorado. This county correctional center requires daily food preparation and service for inmates and staff. Recently, they needed to complete a renovation of the facility’s primary kitchen, but they still needed some kind of kitchen facilities on site to handle their daily food service needs. That’s when they called Mobile Kitchens USA for help.

What They Rented
The Mesa County Detention Facilities rented two mobile kitchen trailers from Mobile Kitchens USA. Each unit was customized per the client’s specifications.

First, they rented an 8’x52’4” Mobile Kitchen Semi Trailer (Unit #JTCR-2068), which was set up for natural gas equipment. The trailer was equipped with a standard 30’ hood fire and exhaust system for safety. It featured a large walk-in refrigerator with metro shelving for cold food storage. For cooking, the modular kitchen was designed to house two double-convection ovens, a six-burner range with an oven underneath, a 60-gallon kettle with pot filler, a tilt skillet and a 60-quart mixer. The trailer also included multiple work tables, a prep sink, seven drawers, metro shelving and a hand sink.

Alongside this main trailer was a shed set up to contain a 50-gallon electric hot water heater. Though Mobile Kitchens USA supplies the unit, it is the client’s responsibility to hook it up and provide a power source.

Mobile Dishwashing Trailer
Next, the Mesa County Detention Facilities rented an 8’x46’7” Mobile Dishwashing Semi Trailer Unit (#CTC-585). This also included a hood exhaust system based on standard safety requirements. The trailer was equipped with a CMA EST-44 dishwasher and a booster heater for the dish machine. In addition, the unit featured a clean table, a dirty table with a sprayer, a 3-compartment sink, a hand sink, three metro shelves and a Bard front-mounted A/C unit.

This trailer also required a 119-gallon hot water heater and shed set up next to it. The client was responsible for setting up and providing power to both the water heater and the air conditioning unit. Two grease traps were also provided by Mobile Kitchens USA and are the client’s responsibility to hook up and clean out.
About Mobile Kitchens USA
Get the mobile kitchen facilities you need for your business or as a temporary replacement while your primary kitchen is being renovated. To learn more about Mobile Kitchens USA and the endless variety of customizable new and used mobile kitchen trailer units available for rent or purchase, contact us today!


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