Coordinating a Large Outdoor Event? Make Sure You Have the Proper Mobile Kitchen Units!

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Music festivals, golf and tennis tournaments, sporting events, carnivals and fairs—you name it and Mobile Kitchens USA has the mobile equipment you need to make your outdoor event run smoothly.

Throughout the years, Mobile Kitchens USA has been there to help event organizers and major catering companies rent or purchase mobile kitchen trailers and other important equipment. Whether you need the mobile facilities for one day or several weeks, we have what you need and each trailer can be customized with all the specific features you request.

If you are thinking about coordinating some kind of festival or large outdoor event, contact Mobile Kitchens USA for your mobile kitchen and restroom facility needs. We offer trailers of all shapes and sizes to meet the demands of any outdoor event. Here are just some of the units we can provide:

Mobile Kitchen Trailers
Need to prepare and serve food to a large crowd? Get a customized mobile kitchen trailer with all the appliances, food prep areas and cold/hot storage space you need to take care of your guests.

Mobile Luxury Restrooms
We can provide clean, comfortable and sanitary luxury restroom trailers to your site. These restrooms feature plumbing and all the amenities of a permanent bathroom.

Mobile Dishwashing Trailer
If you need extra space for washing and storing dishes, Mobile Kitchens USA offers mobile dishwashing trailers that can be set up specifically to handle all your dishwashing needs.

Mobile Refrigerator/Freezer Trailers
If you plan on serving drinks or need a lot of ice/frozen treats for your event, be sure and ask about a mobile refrigerator/freezer trailer option from Mobile Kitchens USA.

Mobile Laundry Trailer
Mobile Kitchens USA even has mobile laundry trailers for events and situations where such services are needed. These can be especially helpful for restaurants that need to clean their linen on a regular basis.

Mobile Power
Mobile Kitchens USA can provide a mobile generator trailer so that you never have to worry about power for certain aspects of your event.

If you are planning a large festival or major outdoor event, contact Mobile Kitchens USA today to see what we can do for you. You’ll be amazed at the versatility of our trailers, and your guests and staff will love having these high-quality facilities on-site. Click here to contact us and get started!

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