Walnut School for the Arts Rents Mobile Kitchen Trailer During Kitchen Renovation

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Walnut Hill School for the Arts is an independent school located in Natick, Massachusetts. They offer a unique educational experience specifically designed for student artists in grades 9-12, with programs in art, dance, music, visual arts, writing, and theater.

Recently, the school operators decided it was time to renovate their kitchen facilities. However, they still needed to be able to prepare and serve food to students, faculty, and staff. That’s when they reached out to Mobile Kitchens USA for help.

Searching for a large mobile kitchen trailer they could rent out for four months, Walnut Hill School for the Arts worked with our team to find the perfect mobile unit. That way, the school could continue their regular food service while the main kitchen was being renovated.

What They Rented
The school is currently renting an 8’ x 28’ Mobile Kitchen Semi Trailer (Unit #JTC-4468), which is set up to run electric equipment (power is supplied by the client). It includes a standard hood fire and exhaust system to meet health code and safety requirements. For cooking, the kitchen is stocked with a double-door steamer, a 6-burner range with an oven underneath, a double-basket deep fryer, a 36-inch flat grill, a double convection oven and a stock pot burner.

There is also plenty of cold storage space in this mobile kitchen trailer. It features a double-door reach-in refrigerator and a double-door reach-in freezer. For food preparation, cleaning and additional storage, Mobile Kitchens USA customized the trailer with a metro shelf, a work table, a 3-compartment sink and a hand sink.

Your Custom Mobile Kitchen Solution
With the mobile kitchen trailer on site, Walnut School for the Arts has been able to continue its regular food service during the renovation. The kitchen staff has everything they need to conduct business as usual and they are able to keep everyone fed with all the food they usually serve every single day.

Every mobile kitchen trailer we prepare for purchase or rent at Mobile Kitchens USA is completely customized based on the client’s specifications. Whatever appliances, storage space, refrigeration, shelving or food prep space you need, our team will design the perfect mobile kitchen accordingly.

To learn more about Mobile Kitchens USA and how to rent or purchase one of our customized mobile kitchen, restroom, dishwashing or other trailers, contact us today!

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