5 Reasons to Rent a Mobile Restroom Trailer Over a Portable Toilet for Your Outdoor Event

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Whether you are hosting a wedding, sporting event, concert, carnival or any other sort of outdoor event, it’s important to have ample restroom facilities. You can settle for cheap and unpleasant portable toilets or you can rent a quality mobile restroom trailer from Mobile Kitchens USA. Here are a few reasons why renting a mobile restroom is the best route to go when planning your outdoor event:

  1. Real Restroom Facilities
    A mobile restroom trailer is not just a smelly hole filled with chemicals. It is a real restroom with working plumbing. It is comfortable, sanitary and clean with flushing toilets, running sinks, soap dispensers, mirrors and all the normal amenities you expect in a public restroom. They can even be customized with showers and changing rooms if that’s what your event needs.


  1. Nicer Presentation
    If you want to impress your guests, a mobile restroom adds a touch of class and sophistication. They look nice from the outside and on the inside. These restrooms can also be set-up with handicap-accessible ramps and stairs for easy access. Most importantly, a restroom trailer won’t be an eyesore at your event like a row of plastic porta-potties.


  1. Much More Room
    Certain events like weddings need a space for the bridal party and grooms to change. Maybe bands performing at your concert need a comfortable backstage area to prepare. Mobile restroom trailers are roomy and they are completely customizable to meet whatever appliances and space you and your guests will need.


  1. Better Sanitation
    There’s no doubt that a mobile restroom trailer is a much more sanitary solution than a portable toilet. They can be cleaned and cared for like any public restroom. Plus, the toilets flush and guests can easily wash their hands with soap and water from a real sink.


  1. Comfort
    If you’re looking to provide comfortability for your guests, a mobile restroom trailer is the way to go. Having a clean place for people to go to the bathroom will make any outdoor event so much better than having cramped, foul-smelling portable toilets. Overall, they provide less hassle for users and are easier to maintain.

With Mobile Kitchens USA, you can have a mobile restroom trailer delivered to your site anywhere across the country. You can rent it for as long as you need it, whether it’s a day, a week or several months. To learn more about our mobile restroom trailers and other available mobile units, contact Mobile Kitchens USA today.

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