Mobile Kitchens USA Helps Indiana Junior High School During Kitchen Renovation

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When it comes time to renovate a school’s kitchen, it’s important that regular food services continue as scheduled. But how do you do this if your kitchen is torn up and in the process of a renovation? That’s where Mobile Kitchens USA comes in. Specializing in mobile rental units, Mobile Kitchens USA equips schools, hospitals, detention centers, and much more with quality units so you can keep up with your daily food needs.

Tecumseh Junior High School, located in Lafayette, Indiana, recently decided it was time to upgrade and renovate the kitchen facilities at the school. However, they still needed to provide regular food services to the students and faculty as the renovation was underway. So, the school reached out to Mobile Kitchens USA for help.

The junior high school was looking to customize and rent a mobile kitchen trailer that they could use on campus for a three-month period while the main kitchen was being renovated. Mobile Kitchens USA was able to set up the ideal mobile kitchen unit, customized to meet all the school’s kitchen needs and provide ample work and storage space.

What They Rented
Lafayette School Corporation rented an 8’ x 45’ Mobile Kitchen Semi Trailer from Mobile Kitchens USA (Unit #CTCR-45). It was set up to run natural gas equipment and included standard hood, fire and exhaust systems to meet safety requirements for commercial kitchens. It also had heat on demand, along with stairs and a landing area outside of the trailer for easy access.

For cooking, the mobile kitchen trailer featured two double-convection ovens, a double-door steamer and a tilt-skillet. The trailer also had ample food storage space, which included a large 7’3” x 9’11” walk-in refrigerator with metro shelves and two double-door reach-in freezers. For cleanup, there was a three-compartment sink and a hand sink.

Food Service Without Interruption
With this temporary kitchen trailer on campus, the kitchen staff at Tecumseh Junior High School was able to continue providing their usual food services for the school without interruption. Mobile Kitchens USA delivered the trailer to the site and then removed it once the rental period was over.

At Mobile Kitchens USA, we aim to make the process as easy as possible when it comes to the setup and teardown of our units. That way, your facility can get back to normal right away. The students and staff at Tecumseh Junior High now have a wonderful new kitchen to enjoy, with help from our team at Mobile Kitchens USA.

To learn more about our wide variety of mobile kitchen, restroom, dishwashing, refrigerator/freezer and other modular trailer units available for rent or purchase, contact Mobile Kitchens USA today!

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