Valley Center Middle School Rents Mobile Kitchen Container from Mobile Kitchens USA

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Valley Center Middle School, located in eastern San Diego County, recently contracted with Mobile Kitchens USA to rent a mobile kitchen unit that was placed temporarily on campus. The school operators decided it was time to renovate their kitchen facilities. However, they still needed to be able to prepare and serve food to students, faculty, and staff. That’s when they reached out to Mobile Kitchens USA for help.

What They Rented
Valley Center Middle School rented an 8’x40’ Mobile Kitchen Container Ground Level Unit (#CCC-568) which was transported and delivered to the site. These container units are a little different than our standard mobile trailers, such that they are shipping containers that are converted into commercial-grade kitchens. The ground-level access makes them more preferable in certain situations where a raised trailer may be less convenient.

Customized Kitchen
The container kitchen unit rented by Valley Center Middle School was set up to utilize the electrical equipment. It featured a standard hood fire and exhaust system for safety. It also included a large walk-in freezer with metro shelving and two double-door reach-in refrigerators for cold food storage.

For cooking, the unit contained a double convection oven. In addition, the kitchen was set up with two work tables, a 3-compartment sink, and a hand sink. For worker comfort, an air conditioning unit was mounted on the roof. It is always the client’s responsibility to hook up the electricity and provide power to the A/C unit, heat pump, thermostat, and other appliances.

Your Mobile Kitchen Solution
Valley Center Middle School was able to use this temporary kitchen unit for as long as they needed. Our goal is to make the process as smooth and easy as possible for our clients, so once the lease was completed, Mobile Kitchens USA came and transported the container unit away from the campus.

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