Mobile Kitchens USA Helps Out Tennis Tournament at San Jose State University

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San Jose State University is one of the biggest schools in the California State University system. Being in the heart of Silicon Valley means having a very progressive approach to education and athletics.

Recently, the university was hosting a major tennis tournament at their south campus in San Jose, California. The sporting event required food services for the attendees. However, for a tennis tournament of this magnitude, San Jose State didn’t want to settle for run-of-the-mill snack bars. The event directors decided to reach out to Mobile Kitchens USA for help. They figured the best solution was to bring two mobile kitchens on site to provide the best food preparation and service possible during the event.

What They Rented
Ultimately, San Jose State University rented two 8’ skid kitchen units, along with two 8’ x 20’ refrigerator units. All four pre-fabricated mobile units were delivered to the site of the event and then removed once the lease period was completed.

The two skid kitchens were each customized and configured with matching equipment for food prep and service. Each mobile kitchen contained a double-basket deep fryer, a tilt skillet, a flat grill, a six-burner stove with oven underneath and two electric double-convection ovens. Having two different units on site made processes even more convenient for the staff and patrons.

The Mobile Kitchens USA Difference
The tennis tournament went smoothly and the university was glad they made the decision to rent these custom mobile kitchen and refrigeration units from Mobile Kitchens USA. It was the ideal solution to meet their food service demands throughout the major sporting event on campus.

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