Mobile Kitchens Set-Up and Tear-Down: What Does It Entail?

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So, you’ve chosen a kitchen unit from Mobile Kitchens USA and had it customized to your needs. Now what? Our clients typically like to wonder about how the set-up and tear-down process works when they rent a mobile kitchen trailer or skid unit from us. That’s why Mobile Kitchens USA has put together a quick rundown of what you can expect.

  • Delivery
    The first step is to get the mobile kitchen to your site. Mobile Kitchens USA works with clients nationwide and can get a mobile kitchen towed to wherever it’s needed. In some cases, customers will have a designated space ready for delivery. If not, our team can help you figure out the best place to put your mobile kitchen unit.
  • Trailer Set Up
    Our mobile kitchen trailers, skid units, container units, and other facilities are pre-fabricated and easy to set-up once they’re on site. Our contractors will get everything in place, leveled out and ready to use. If stairs and ramps need to be installed, that will also be taken care of.
  • Utility Connections
    Each mobile kitchen unit is set up to the customer’s specifications for electrical, natural gas or propane power. However, the client is responsible for providing the power source unless a generator set-up is part of the agreement. Once the power sources are connected, then your mobile kitchen is ready to use.
  • Walkthrough
    A Mobile Kitchens USA representative will be on-hand to provide a thorough walkthrough of the unit. They will answer any questions you may have, show you where everything is at and demonstrate how it all works. To get the most out of the unit, feel free to ask any questions and make sure anyone who may be using the kitchen is there at the walkthrough.
  • Support
    If you encounter problems after the set-up is complete or come up with any questions, you can always call Mobile Kitchens USA and we’ll be available to help you with any of your service needs.
  • Tear-Down
    Once your rental period is complete, Mobile Kitchens USA representatives will come to your site to complete the tear-down of the trailer and transport it back off your property. It’s that easy!

To learn more about mobile kitchen trailers and other mobile services from Mobile Kitchens USA, contact us today or visit our website for additional information and our full list of product offerings.

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