The Different Types of Temporary Kitchens

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The great thing about buying or renting a temporary kitchen unit from Mobile Kitchens USA is that you are able to get exactly what you need. Whether you need something readily mobile or something semi-permanent, we have you covered with several different temporary kitchen styles. Here are a few of our most popular types of modular kitchen units.

Mobile Kitchen Trailer

These are our most popular because they offer such a convenient solution as a temporary kitchen facility. These kitchens are constructed on mobile trailers that allow them to easily be transported from site to site. They come in a variety of sizes and each kitchen has a modular design that allows you to customize the layout to meet your food service requirements. A mobile kitchen trailer is ideal for a short-term lease for a special event. A mobile food service or catering company will also want to look at a mobile kitchen trailer for purchase as it will offer more functionality and customization than a standard food truck.

Container and Skid Kitchen Units

If you need a temporary kitchen (or even a permanent one) that’s fully constructed and tailored to your needs, then you will want to ask about one of Mobile Kitchen’s modular skid kitchen units or a pre-constructed container kitchen units. Like our mobile kitchen trailers, these can be transported wherever you need, but they offer a more sturdy footing when placed on the site. These types of temporary kitchen units are excellent for long-term leases during a major construction project or during a renovation of your primary kitchen facilities.

Tent Kitchens

Another option you can consider is a tent style kitchen. These can be used for special events like street fairs, music festivals, exhibitions or disaster relief where bringing in a bulkier unit may not make sense. A tent kitchen offers great flexibility and brings a more open-air feel that some kitchen staffs and customers will prefer. You can also have tented dining areas and other components for a wonderfully inviting temporary kitchen presentation.

The point is that when you are thinking of renting or buying a temporary kitchen or mobile kitchen unit, you have plenty of options. From the type of construction to the size and configuration, you are able to make it your own and get all the features you are looking for. Consult with Mobile Kitchens USA to find out what type of temporary kitchen is right for your needs and then get it customized to your desires.

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