Why You Need a Custom Mobile Kitchen Design

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A commercial kitchen is so much different than a kitchen at home. So many more factors need to be taken into consideration when a kitchen is being laid out for a restaurant, bar, mobile foodservice business or bakery. You need all the right equipment in a layout that makes sense. You need ample storage space for cold, frozen and dry goods. You need food prep tables dishwashers, sinks, hoods/vents and other features.

In other words, a whole lot goes into a custom kitchen design. If you were designing a kitchen in a permanent building, you wouldn’t settle for anything less than exactly what you and your kitchen staff need. The same should be true if you are buying or renting a mobile kitchen trailer or temporary kitchen unit. Just because a kitchen is mobile, doesn’t mean you have to settle for something that isn’t perfect.

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Fully Customized Mobile Kitchen Units

Every mobile kitchen unit we create at Mobile Kitchens USA (including mobile kitchen trailers, tent kitchens, skid kitchens, container units, refrigeration trailers, dishwashing trailers and more) is modular in design and 100% customizable. Our clients tell us what they want and need. Then, our team configures the mobile kitchen to meet their unique specifications.

Interior and Exterior Kitchen Features

From the size and type of mobile kitchen to how it is configured inside and outside. Do you need stairs and a ramp for customer access? Do you need a service window? Do you need heating or air conditioning inside? These are just a few things you might customize.

Then, of course, there is the interior layout of the trailer. You select all the appliances and equipment that you require. We’re talking stovetops, ovens, refrigerator/freezer, grills, deep fryers, work tables, cleaning sinks, hand sinks, dishwashers, non-slip flooring, hood/fire system, and anything else you can imagine. We’ll get everything in the unit and laid out in way that is as spatially efficient as possible.

How Much Will a Custom Mobile Kitchen Cost?

Customization is included on all mobile kitchen rentals, as well as all mobile kitchens for sale from Mobile Kitchens USA. It’s simply part of our mobile kitchen rental prices and terms. You get the temporary kitchen that you want for as long as you need it. That’s right. Even the length of the lease is customizable if you are renting a mobile kitchen from Mobile Kitchens USA!

Don’t try and make a pre-fabricated mobile kitchen trailer or temporary kitchen unit work for you. Get a custom mobile kitchen design configured to your exacting specifications. Call Mobile Kitchens USA for more information and to let us know what you need for your mobile kitchen solution.

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