Custom Mobile Trailer Solutions from Mobile Kitchens USA

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A Mobile Kitchens USA, we are building and customizing mobile service trailers for our clients every single day. We have mobile kitchens, mobile restrooms, mobile refrigerators and freezers, mobile dishwashers and more. Each one is custom-designed to meet the specs as laid out by our clients.

 Just Tell Us What You Need

Whether you rent or purchase a mobile kitchen trailer from Mobile Kitchens USA, you can let us know exactly what you need. We’ll customize the trailer with the features, appliances, workspace, storage space, etc. Do you want heating or air conditioning installed to keep your employees and guests comfortable? No problem. Just let us know! Whatever your requirements, the Mobile Kitchens USA will work with you to design a mobile unit that suits your specific needs.

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Customization Options

Let’s look at some options, using our mobile kitchen trailers as an example. First, you let us know the size. This will depend on your foodservice quantity needs, the size of your kitchen staff and which appliances you want inside. Speaking of the appliances, you want to make sure you have all the equipment that you require to store, prepare and cook food to serve to your customers and guests.

  • How many burners do you want on the stove?
  • What kind of oven (and what size) do you need?
  • What size refrigeration unit is required? (walk-in vs. stand-alone unit)
  • What specialty appliances would you like? (deep fryers, floor mixers, flat-top grill, etc.)
  • What food preparation space is needed? (work tables, cutting boards, sinks, etc.)
  • How much dry storage space should it have? (shelves, cabinets, drawers, etc.)
  • What is powering the equipment (electricity vs. propane vs. natural gas connections)

Custom Construction and Modular Designs

Once you determine what size trailer you need and what features it should have, then the skilled team at Mobile Kitchens USA will design and construct the mobile service unit to meet your specifications. Most of our units are modular in design, which allows for maximum customization. This is true whether you are getting a mobile kitchen, mobile restroom or any other type of mobile facility. Seriously. Just let us know what you are looking for and we’ll make it happen!

We understand that mobile kitchens and other mobile service facilities are not “one size fits all” products. Each one we produce needs to be tailored with the customer’s requirements in mind. That’s the kind of personal care that only Mobile Kitchens USA can provide.

To learn more about our mobile trailer options and to customize your own mobile unit for rent or purchase, contact Mobile Kitchens today or visit our website for additional information about our custom services.

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