Mobile Restroom Trailers: A Cleaner and More Sanitary Option

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COVID-19 may forever look at the way we view public restrooms. People aren’t going to feel safe unless the facility is kept clean and as sanitary as possible. We can tell you we are in no hurry to use a standard port-a-potty unless it’s a moment of desperation. That’s how most people feel about smelly port-a-johns most of the time anyway, but now they seem even scarier to use.

Keeping it Clean

Eventually, we’ll get to a point where we can attend sporting events, big outdoor parties and weddings, and other special events again. Until then, portable restrooms are still needed at parks, temporary shelters, testing stations and other places. The question is if you want to buy or rent a plastic port-a-potty or a nice, clean and comfortable mobile restroom trailer from Mobile Kitchens USA?

Our mobile restroom trailers are truly top-of-the-line and provide a cleaner and much more sanitary option compared to other portable restroom units. They can be easily set up just about anywhere and customized to your needs. You pick the size of the trailer you want and what features you need inside—private toilet stalls, urinals, changing rooms, baby changing tables, showers, sinks, you name it!

Custom Features

These mobile restroom trailers are spacious and comfortable to use. You can even have separate facilities for men and women or a shared-use restroom unit. The best part of it all is they use actual running water. The toilets flush. The showers can provide hot water. The sinks dispense hot and cold water so people can properly wash their hands. Soap, lotion, shampoo and hand sanitizer dispensers can easily be installed, including hands-free options. Paper towel and hand dryers are common options, as well.

All surfaces within a Mobile Kitchens USA mobile restroom trailer are easy to clean and keep sanitized in order to protect your guests from germs and viruses. These days, you will want to clean the facility as often as possible for maximum safety. Ultimately, it is still up to you as the operator to keep your mobile restroom trailer clean.

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Mobile Restroom Trailer Rentals

Mobile Kitchens USA offers custom mobile restroom trailers built to order, available for rent or purchase. Whether you need a short-term rental of only a few days or a long-term rental for extended us, just let us know and we’ll work out the specific lease details with you. We can deliver the trailer directly to anywhere in the continental U.S. and come pick it up when your rental period is complete. We make it super easy and convenient to get a high-quality temporary restroom that will be way better than a standard port-a-potty in every possible way.

To learn more about mobile restroom trailer rentals and purchases from Mobile Kitchens USA, contact us today!

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