Types of Mobile Kitchens for Rent

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When you need a temporary kitchen for a special event, renovation project, construction site or emergency services, you will want to rent a mobile kitchen from Mobile Kitchens USA. We provide customized mobile kitchen options and flexible lease terms that allow you to use the temporary kitchen unit for exactly as long as you need it. 

Here the mobile kitchen (and other service units) options we have available for rent:

Mobile Kitchen Trailers

These are exactly as the name implies. It’s a custom mobile kitchen on wheels that you can take wherever you need to go. They are easy to transport and provide a more complete workspace compared to something like a food truck. You can have all the appliances and features that you need in one mobile kitchen trailer!

Skid and Container Kitchen Units

If you need something more semi-permanent with a temporary kitchen that can be parked in one place for a longer period of time (such as during a major kitchen renovation at your school, senior center, military base or business campus), then you may consider one of our custom skid kitchens or container kitchens. These can be set up for extended use. They can be designed to your specs and can often have a modular design with multiple units working together for excellent kitchen space, food preparation and service/dining space.

Tent Kitchens

Tented kitchens and dining areas are great for temporary use and for easy travel. If you are setting up your food service for festivals, sporting events or outdoor parties and weddings, our highly-mobile tent kitchens may be the ideal solution. They are easy to set up and break down, while providing the space and shelter you need to prepare and serve your meals.

Food Prep Units

Sometimes, a mobile kitchen trailer just isn’t big enough to handle all your foodservice needs. Some of our customers will get a separate food preparation unit that allows for staging and food prep outside of the kitchen for optimal efficiency and space. Food prep and service units can be customized with whatever storage space, workspace and features your staff needs.

Refrigeration & Freezer Trailers

Like food prep units, it sometimes makes sense to have a fully-refrigerated mobile trailer that is just for cold storage. Whether it is for standard refrigeration, freezing or both, Mobile Kitchens USA offers custom mobile refrigeration and freezer trailers to meet all your needs.

Mobile Dishwashing Trailers

Commercial dishwashers can take up a lot of valuable kitchen space. Plus, some users just have major foodservice needs where not everything will fit inside one trailer. Our mobile dishwashing trailers give you a separate space for cleaning dishes with multi-compartment sinks, commercial dishwashing equipment, work tables, drying racks and storage areas for clean dishes, glasses, silverware and utensils.

Mobile Restrooms & Showers

Though not necessarily classified as “mobile kitchens,” our mobile restroom trailers and shower units are very popular for certain special events, growing businesses and emergency shelters. These can be customized with sinks, toilets, urinals, soap/sanitizer/towel dispensers, changing rooms, baby-changing stations and even showers. They are set up will full plumbing and electricity to keep your guests comfortable and clean. When you see these mobile restroom trailers, you’ll never want to set foot inside a nasty old port-a-potty again!

These are some of the many temporary kitchen and mobile service trailers that we offer for rent at Mobile Kitchens USA. To learn more about our products and services, visit our website or contact us today!

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