Mobile Foodservice: Bring Meals to Your Customers!

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Times have changed, and some aspects of the foodservice industry may never be the same in the wake of COVID-19. Restaurants, delivery services, catering businesses and other foodservice providers are being forced to do things differently. Some changes may just be temporary. Others may be permanent. In fact, some restaurants are actually thriving because they successfully adapted to better carryout, delivery and mobile foodservice strategies.

Mobile Kitchen Trailer Rentals

At Mobile Kitchens USA, we’ve had a number of foodservice business owners contact us about renting mobile kitchen trailers to enhance their operations. A few have even decided to buy mobile kitchen units because they are seeing the benefits of bringing their meal services directly to their customers. Food trucks get all the publicity, but you can actually do a whole lot more with a fully customized mobile kitchen trailer.

Mobile kitchen trailers from Mobile Kitchens USA are relatively easy to transport (especially depending on the size and design). You can bring them from neighborhood to neighborhood or event to event. They can be utilized to provide important meal services during natural disasters or at temporary shelters, testing sites and hospitals. You aren’t stuck with as many restrictions as a brick and mortar restaurant while COVID-19 remains a threat. 

Don’t Limit Your Business

Many states, counties and cities are limiting how many dine-in customers are allowed. Some places still aren’t allowing dine-in at all, and we still don’t know what this fall and winter have in store with the flu and coronavirus both spreading. We sure hope there is a vaccine soon, but as business owners we all have to do whatever we can to keep doing what we love to do!

Catering and Mobile Foodservice Options

Catering businesses have always loved Mobile Kitchens USA mobile kitchen trailers because they can bring a full kitchen and prepare food to order on site. Whether you buy or rent a mobile kitchen trailer from us, you are able to customize it to your exact needs and specifications. You let us know what size and service capacity you require, along with all the appliances, storage space and work space that your staff will need. Our fabricators will customize a modular kitchen design that provides everything you need in one mobile unit.

If you want to bring your great food directly to your customers and have a traveling kitchen option to enhance your delivery, special event hosting and catering services, Mobile Kitchens USA has exactly what you need to succeed. To learn more about our mobile kitchen trailers and other temporary kitchen options, contact us today. We also have custom mobile restroom trailers and other facilities that may be useful during these unique times. 

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