Why and How to Rent a Mobile Kitchen During a Renovation

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A lot of homeowners and businesses are using this slow time to make structural renovations. The coronavirus has forced many different types of businesses, campuses, restaurants and other commercial spaces to shut down or cut back on who uses the facilities. This has made it an ideal time for many of these buildings to renovate. 

Meanwhile, more people are working from home and multiple generations are moving back in. This has forced many homeowners to reconsider their living space. Others just want to make repairs and upgrades as they prepare to sell in 2020’s red hot real estate market. 

Temporary Kitchen Needs

Whatever type of building you own or manage, you may be planning a renovation. You might already be in the midst of one. However, there are certain things you still need. One of them might be a kitchen. You have workers or still might have guests and customers who need foodservice. Or, if you are renovating your own home, you don’t want to have to eat out every single night over the months it might take to complete the renovation. 

When you are renovating a structure and need a temporary kitchen, Mobile Kitchens USA is the company to turn to for convenient mobile kitchen solutions. We offer mobile kitchen trailers, tent kitchens, skid kitchens and other modular temporary kitchen units that are fully customizable to meet your food prep and service needs. Whether you are cooking for your own family or for a large amount of regular diners, you can get the mobile kitchen that lets you cook for and serve as many people as you want. 

Custom Mobile Kitchen Solutions

The Mobile Kitchens USA staff will work closely with you to determine your mobile kitchen needs. You can select the type and size of kitchen unit that makes the most sense for your situation, and then customize it with all the storage space, appliances, work space, sinks, refrigeration space and other features you require. The mobile kitchen trailer can be set up to run on electrical power, generator, natural gas or propane. It can have running water (hot and cold) and be set up exactly to your specifications. Our design experts are wizards and making everything fit and flow together for a clean and comfortable kitchen space.

Mobile Kitchen Rentals

You can rent your custom mobile kitchen for as long as you need. Some renovations may only take a few weeks while others can take months. We have you covered with fair and flexible lease terms. We’ll deliver the temporary kitchen unit to you at the start of the rental period and then come remove it when you are done with it. We aim to make the process as simple as possible for you!

Whether you need a simple kitchen set up outside your house during renovation or you need a full commercial kitchen and dining area to accommodate hundreds of people, Mobile Kitchens USA is the mobile kitchen provider you’ll want to turn to. We also offer mobile restroom trailers, mobile showers, mobile laundry trailers, mobile refrigeration units and mobile dishwashing trailers. Just let us know what you are looking for and we’ll take care of the rest. 

Contact Mobile Kitchens USA today for more information about our mobile kitchen trailers and lease options to help you during your renovation.

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