5 Advantages of a Mobile Restroom Trailer

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Most events that are happening these days are taking place outdoors to allow for better social distancing. Church sermons, weddings, drive-in concerts and movies, restaurant service, sporting events, political rallies and other gatherings are done in more outdoor settings. Even when Covid is behind us, this trend may continue as all Americans remain more conscious about social interactions in large groups.

With outdoor events, there is a dire need for mobile restrooms. You can use good old-fashioned port-a-potties. Or, you can consider something much, much nicer like a custom mobile restroom trailer from Mobile Kitchens USA!

Here are some of the advantages of our mobile restroom trailers:

1. Much More Sanitary

Let’s face it, port-a-potties are pretty disgusting. They serve a basic purpose, but they are hard to keep clean and people right now are more concerned than ever about having sanitized surfaces to do their business. A mobile restroom trailer is a clean space with surfaces that are easier to keep sanitized for your guests. You have sinks with running water and there can be hands-free dispensers for hand soap, hand sanitizer and towels. Our mobile restroom trailers bring you the cleanliness and conveniences of a public indoor restroom in a fully mobile design.

2. Comfort

Imagine a portable restroom with private stalls with real flushing toilets, full sinks, baby changing tables, urinals and even shower stalls if you need them. A mobile restroom trailer simply offers more comfort and privacy than a port-a-potty. You can have a shared-use restroom or separate restrooms for men and women. These trailers are also handicapped accessible to accommodate guests with different mobility needs.

3. Customization

Like our mobile kitchen trailers, mobile restroom trailers from Mobile Kitchens USA are fully customizable. You let us know how big a trailer you need and what features you want it to contain. How many toilet stalls and/or urinal stations? How many sinks? Does it need a changing room or shower?

4. Full Plumbing

A mobile restroom trailer is not just a big hole over a tank that’s filled with God-knows-what. The toilets flush. The sinks can provide running hot and cold water. A shower works just like a regular shower. The plumbing can be hooked up to an outside water source or a water tank and heater can be installed to provide the running water inside.

5. Convenience

Just like you can arrange for port-a-potties to be dropped off and picked up at your location, you can work with Mobile Kitchens USA on your lease agreement. You can rent your mobile restroom trailers for as long as you need them. We’ll come drop off the trailer(s) and set them up for you, and then we’ll come pick them up when the rental period is complete. It’s really that simple!

To learn more about clean, convenient, comfortable and sanitary mobile restroom trailers from Mobile Kitchens USA, contact us today for additional information and lease options.

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