Why You Need a Climate-Controlled Tent Kitchen This Winter

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Increased outdoor foodservice has become not only a trend, but a necessity during this pandemic. Even when all this is over, many restaurants will permanently change to have more outdoor seating and service options. This means expensive new construction, renovations and building add-ons to accommodate more patio space.

Expanding Outdoor Dining Services

Many states have limited indoor dining service restrictions. Unfortunately, many restaurants don’t have significant outdoor dining spaces built and set up. They need temporary solutions. This is why many restaurant owners are turning to Mobile Kitchens USA to rent tent kitchens and tented dining areas to expand their outdoor service capabilities.

Winter Climate Control Customizations

Putting up a few EZ UPs in the summer was adequate enough to provide some shade and shelter for your outdoor patrons. That won’t suffice during the colder winter months. Mobile Kitchens USA can provide customized tented dining areas that are fully enclosed and climate controlled. High-grade clear plastic windows still let in the natural light and maintain the charm of dining outdoors while retaining heat and comfort for your guests. Heating can be provided to keep the space cozy, and air conditioning can also be included for when the weather starts to warm up again in spring and summer.

Customized Tents

These tented dining areas can be customized for size and features, including rental of furniture like chairs and tables. Some restaurants are even taking their kitchens outdoors for increased safety and service convenience. Mobile Kitchens USA also offers fully customizable tent kitchens. In addition, these tent kitchens are fantastic for catering companies and special event coordinators who need a temporary kitchen solution that is easy to set up and transport. Of course, you will also want to inquire about our mobile kitchen trailers and other excellent temporary kitchen solutions!

Other Tented Service Solutions

Not only restaurant owners are using our temporary tents. Retail stores, testing sites, food trucks, temporary hospitals, soup kitchens and shelters, and more are utilizing these climate-controlled spaces during the winter season. It’s not too late for you to make the most of business this season by improving your outdoor service space and giving your customers the best possible experience in one of our tent kitchens, tented dining areas or other mobile tent designs.

Tent Kitchen Rentals

You can purchase one of our tent kitchens have it completely customized to your needs. Or, you can rent a tent kitchen or tented dining space for as long as you need it. Whether it’s for a few days or several months until service returns to normal or your building renovations are complete, we’ve got you covered.

To learn more about our temporary tent kitchens and tented dining/service areas, contact Mobile Kitchens USA today!

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