Mobile Kitchen Trailer Rentals for Pandemic Relief

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Mobile kitchen trailers, tent kitchens and other temporary kitchen and service units have long been utilized for different disaster relief situations. Throughout the years, Mobile Kitchens USA has been a dependable provider of mobile kitchen solutions (as well as mobile restroom trailers, mobile refrigeration units and more) for hospitals, nonprofit aid organizations and emergency responders.

Our trailers have been used in the wake of natural disasters throughout the United States, including earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, floods and wildfires. There is perhaps no greater emergency situation than what we are facing now with COVID-19. This pandemic has hit our great country—and the entire world—so hard, and Mobile Kitchens USA is dedicated to helping however we can. 

Many hospitals and temporary shelters have reached out to us in need of different emergency facilities. We provide custom fabrication and rental services, with many of our units ideally suited for pandemic recovery:

Mobile Kitchen Trailers

Our trailer units are most commonly used for custom mobile kitchens that allow for increased foodservice or food preparation when hospital facilities are overrun with more patients than usual. However, these quality-built trailers and other modular units we build can also be used for any number of purposes, including office space, waiting rooms and medical care rooms. If you are looking for something unique or special, just let us know.

Tented Facilities

Mobile Kitchens USA also offers tented facilities such as kitchens, dining rooms and general climate-controlled tents that many hospitals, testing sites and vaccine distribution centers are using to expand care. These tented spaces are easy to set up or move as needed, making them an ideal temporary solution when extra room is needed.

Mobile Refrigeration

Don’t forget to ask about our mobile refrigeration trailers and freezer units that can provide temperature-controlled storage for vaccines, food and other medical supplies.

Mobile Restroom Trailers

When hospitals and shelters are overflowing or testing sites need to have clean restroom facilities on hand, Mobile Kitchens USA offers mobile restroom trailer rentals. These are a much more sanitary option compared to basic port-a-potties. They have running water (hot and cold) and can be customized with hand sinks, flushing toilets, urinals, showers, private changing rooms, baby changing stations and hands-free soap, towel and hand sanitizer dispensers. 

Custom Solutions

As we said earlier, we are here to help. Whatever mobile service solutions you need, just give Mobile Kitchens USA a call at (800) 905-8608 and talk with our staff. Tell us what kind of mobile services or temporary storage/care space you need and we will do our best to get you a custom unit. We offer fair and flexible rental options for as long as you need. We understand that things are anything but normal right now and will work with you to achieve the best possible outcome. 

We would also like to offer a special thanks to all the emergency responders, frontline medical workers, volunteers, essential service providers and everyone else who is working so hard to help the country get through this crisis.

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