How to Increase Your Outdoor Dining Space this Spring and Summer

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Spring has officially sprung and warmer weather is just around the corner. Some places like California are already experiencing picture-perfect conditions. Meanwhile, more and more COVID-19 restrictions are being loosened in almost every state, county and city. Even if indoor dining is allowed, seating capacity could be limited. Plus, many diners simply prefer to eat outside during this time of year.

So, how can you add outdoor dining space and service options without spending a ton of money on building renovations? The answer is simple: tent kitchens and tented dining space rentals from Mobile Kitchens USA.

The Demand for Outdoor Foodservice

In the past year, our mobile tent kitchens and our tented dining rooms have become some of our most popular mobile dining products. Sure, some of this is due to the pandemic and limitations placed on indoor restaurant seating and services. Extra outdoor space has become a necessity for many restaurant owners in different parts of the country. However, many have since realized how nice it is to have the expanded outdoor seating options. Some have even take to moving certain kitchen functions outdoors with a full-on custom tent kitchen design!

Exceptional Convenience and Mobility

These tented spaces are easy to set up and tear down if you need to move them. That’s why they’ve always been popular with restaurants running booths at street fairs, sporting events and festival concerts. They can be climate-controlled to accommodate heating or air conditioning. They can have clear plastic windows, open sides or convertible flaps to let in natural light and fresh air. These tent kitchens and tented dining areas are extremely versatile and convenient for many different restaurant, catering, special event and other foodservice needs. Retailers are also getting in on the action by expanding their stores with these outside tents to help with social distancing.

Tent Kitchens from Mobile Kitchens USA

If you are looking to expand outdoor service at your restaurant, you can buy or rent a tented dining room from Mobile Kitchens USA. We offer many different sizes and configurations, and we can custom design one with whatever features you need. This is especially helpful if you are looking to have a mobile tent kitchen that you can set up wherever your foodservice business needs to go. 

Maybe a Mobile Kitchen Trailer Instead?

If you want something more substantial, you might also want to look at one of our mobile kitchen trailers for a top-of-the-line mobile foodservice solution. These trailers can be fully customized inside and out with all the appliances, food prep space, cold/dry storage and other features that will give you a truly mobile commercial kitchen. 

If you want to learn more about our tent kitchens, mobile kitchen trailers and tented dining rooms, contact Mobile Kitchens USA today or visit our website!

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