Mobile Kitchen Trailers for Sporting Event Concessions

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Concession foodservice providers know that sporting events are big business. It’s nice to see these events happening again and it will be nice when things truly get back to “normal” with full crowds in attendance. Even with limited spectators, there are still great opportunities to have concession stands and provide food on-site at tournaments for golf, tennis, soccer, softball/baseball and just about any other sport you can imagine. 

Some of these sporting events may only last a day, while others could go on for a full week or longer. Some tours may have multiple stops throughout the year, meaning you have to continually take your concession services on the road. 

So, what are your best solutions for having a mobile kitchen at these sporting events? Mobile Kitchens USA has your answers!

Mobile Kitchen Trailers

Our custom mobile kitchen trailers are utilized by many concession food service businesses throughout the country. They are ideal for concessions because they are easy to set up just about anywhere and they are fully customizable. The size and interior/exterior design of the trailer can be designed based on your specific food service needs—as in what food you need to prepare, how much of it you are serving each day and how it is being served. Walk-up service windows can be included, along with all the necessary appliances and features for your kitchen staff to do what they need to do during the event.

Do you need a deep fryer for corndogs, chicken strips and French fries? No problem. How about a grill for burgers and hot dogs? We got you covered. Maybe an oven for fresh-baked cookies, breads and muffins? The point is, we can customize the kitchen however you want!

Mobile Kitchen Trailer Rentals

The other great thing about a mobile kitchen trailer from Mobile Kitchens USA is that it can be rented for as long as you need it. Whether it’s a day or several weeks, you can just let us know how long a rental period you want and we’ll make it work. A mobile kitchen trailer rental is a great solution if you only need the trailer for concessions at one sporting event. We can deliver the trailer to you on site and then come pick it up when your lease is complete.

Mobile Kitchen Trailers for Sale

If you want a custom mobile kitchen trailer for long-term use (such as a professional sports tour like the PGA or WTA), you may want to consider buying one. Mobile Kitchens USA offers new and used mobile kitchen trailers for sale. Any can be customized and tailored to your specific mobile kitchen requirements. A mobile kitchen purchase makes sense for catering companies and full-time concessions businesses that always need the same trailer available for multiple events. As the name would imply, these trailers are mobile. They can easily be towed from one location to the next and set up quickly for the next event.

If you run a concession food service business and are looking for the best mobile kitchen solutions, contact Mobile Kitchens USA today for more information about our custom mobile kitchen rental and purchase options. 

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